Cave Club

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The Cave Bed awesomeness just keeps coming.  You should really turn on your sound for this.


I can’t even…

Cave bitey face

Cave bitey face

Cave bitey face

When it rains…

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I’m riding in the car to a flyball tournament and my mind is not quiet.  I can’t even seem to worry about things one at a time, they just overlap and swarm and I don’t think through anything. 

Bleys has been having what look like eensy little seizures and we went to the vet yesterday about them.  We have an appointment with a neurologist next week, but the most common cause of his symptoms are brain lesions.  Prognosis = not good, treatment options very limited.  I haven’t processed and part of me refuses to believe it.  He’s been through so many heath scares that nearly killed him or made his life harder, couldn’t we just skip this one?

I’m also running with a new team this weekend, and camping for the first time, and hoping that Wixer is recovered enough and I’m not rushing things, and I miss my flyball peeps…

Also my sister Anne and her husband moved in with us this week. They are in the process of selling their house and it seems pretty logical for them to stay with us since our house is so large. Having just done it I know it sucks to have your stuff all in boxes and staying in a place that isn’t yours. So I want to make it as painless as possible for them but I don’t know how. I’m having to just wing it and wait until they ask/tell me what is best…and I’m kind of terrible at it!

But mostly I just want my Fluffy Badger to be okay.

Extra Craybies all up in here

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My sister’s pooch Coraline is visiting with us for a while.  She seems to be settling in nicely.  Wixer is still a little unsure about the whole situation as is pertains to sharing snuggles on the couch, but he’s enjoying having someone to chase/herd.  He’s a little overbearing and I do wish he would take the underdog role sometimes during play.  It is an interesting study in doggy language!


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This post is about removing the ledge from a Tindall Flyball Box. Please note! Not all Tindall’s are the same, they have changed over time as the maker has made changes to how the box in constructed.  Yours might be slightly different than mine, but not too far off.

You will need a medium Phillips (P2) screwdriver.

First we need to get full access to the back of the pedal. To do this, look into the guts of the box.  On the back of the pedal you will find something like this:
open pedal screws

This is the piece holding the pedal down so it can’t flap all around after a dog triggers it.  We need to remove the two screws indicated in the photo to take it off the pedal and the wooden bar it holds the pedal to.

This is a photo of the piece you just removed:
remove pedal screws

Set is aside, you will need to reattach it at the end.

Now your pedal should swing free from the center wooden bar like this:
open pedal

On the back of the pedal you will find the first 4 screws to remove:
ledge screws

These are quite long as they go through the pedal and the ledge.

Once they are removed you will need to peel back the matting on the front side of the pedal/ledge to reveal the other 4 screws:
peel matting

There are two screws at the edges and one near each of the holes so you will need to peel the matting down across the whole width and down to the level of those screws.
front ledge screws

Once those four screws are removed, the ledge and rubber guard should come free. Next, peel the rubber guard from the wooden ledge.  You are done with the wooden ledge you can pitch it or store it somewhere if you’d prefer.
remove plastic

Then you will want to remove the staples from the rubber guard. I used the cement floor and a slotted screwdriver:
remove staples

Reattach the rubber guard using the shorter screws taken from the front of the ledge but in the holes made by taking the screws from the back.
replace plastic

Depending on the age of your box and the condition of the adhesive on the matting after peeling it up you might need to replace it to get the matting to stick back down to the now ledgeless pedal. I use this stuff (but other peeps might a better solution):

Finally reattach the piece you took off in step one and voila! No more ledge.

Email from a Southwest Florida Dock Diving person

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I’m sorry about the results not being posted.

I was unable to use the Splash Dogs program allowing results to be posted so it was done manually at the event.

The computer used had a virus requiring a new hard drive.

The paperwork of the results was either misplaced or accidentally thrown away. I actually asked today if there was any place an envelope of the results could have ended up with records….

Honestly when the event was put together it was my personal understanding that it was part of the grand opening.

I tried to retrieve the files from the hard drive before replacing it. With no luck along with all the other data on the computer.

I truly apologize….because the results were passed around so much towards the end everyone assumed it was one place and no one can remember what happened to them. No one knew that the computer wasn’t going to be able to just reproduce them until later.

If they are located trust me I will email you personally an excel file of all the results.

I don’t work for the clinic or Splash Dogs. I’m a club member that helps at the events and because I do know about computers I help with registration.

If there is any news I will let you know.

Be safe,


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I have discovered a couple new blogs lately, either they just started or I just found them, but they got me to thinking.  These new to me blogs are dedicated to a specific topic rather than the melange that one finds here.  I didn’t really think about it when I started this blog, but I guess I modeled it after Anne’s blog which is more of a life journal than topic based as well.  I started blogging when I first moved to Florida as a way to stay connected to my family and friends and then sort of as a journal to keep my head above water.  I was never much into journaling despite some outstanding role models in that regard, but I honestly think much of it has to do with my dislike of the physical act of writing.  I hate my handwriting, always have and probably always will, and with blogging  no one has to look at my handwriting.  Honestly it does make a difference to me.

I never thought of myself as writing particularly well and I have to admit I do get a little intimidated if I think about other people possibly reading this, especially ones who write really well (Jacinta, Lisa – either of your blogs, Roland, Anne, the list goes on), but the primary purpose of this blog is for me so I try to just go with it.  I do wonder though if it is of interest to any who happen upon it though.   As I mentioned my posts vary from flyball to AnneArchy and everywhere in between.  Do people prefer their blogs to be topic specific?  Or does the journal type have a place as well.   What’s in your blogroll?


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This is my first post using WordPress, which my sister was so kind to set up for me.  I think I’ve imported my old blog posts over from the old one, but only time will tell.  I’m still figuring out where things are and how to use them so I’ll probably be making changes as I learn.  Hopefully I will have a new post soon about what I’ve been up to.


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Woot, the senate has passed a bill aimed at the horrible-ness that is animal fighting.

Vlog Entry #1

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Anne challenged me to create a video blog, so here it is. It is mostly me not having anything to say and being technology challenged.

I forgot how much I don’t like the sound of my own voice.

In the realm of I wish…

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Anne has too much time on her hands. But then again, so do I.