Whooa-cha (kung fu style)

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I woke up today with a grudge…against dirt. I went on a whirlwind of the apartment and cleaned everything. I even cleaned the cabinets in the kitchen. When I was vacuuming the floor in there I noticed that they were all gross, so I pretty much sprayed the whole kitchen with 409. I did some laundry which I just realized that I left in the dryer (the question is will I remember to go get it after I finish this post).

I also picked up Bleys from the vet today. Then, since he needed a bath anyway, we went straight to the dog park. It was a good time for him and there were actually quite a few people there for a Monday. He got to do his usual post-boarding spaz in a relatively wide open space. There were some really nice looking dogs there, a Doberman that was just stunning, and mastiff that was 9 months old and totally goofy. We stayed for a couple of hours because I never know how much exercise he gets when being boarded. Then it was home for a bath and blow dry. Now he is sleeping on my legs being totally cute (iter-wootiter).

In other news, Anne and Karl are going to Europe with my parents in May. This makes me a little jealous and a little sad. Jealous because it would be cool to go to Europe and sad because if they go to Europe in May then it will probably be quite a while before they can come to Florida and visit me. Who is selfish today? I am I am!

I am totally geeked about Jason visiting in a few (holy crap) I mean two weeks. There are some restaurants that I’m excited to take him too. There is a fondue joint which should be interesting to try and I want to go back to the Thai and sushi place we found when my parents were here. I’ve also changed my mind again about what I think I want for gear. I’m still going with the Titan LX and the Diva XLT but now I’m thinking about getting the Suunto Cobra, which is air integrated (it is both your computer and your pressure gauge) and on the small side. I’m also thinking about going with the SK7 compass on a retractor. This would allow me to clip off my console rather securely and not have to fuss with it during the dive. Then I could just zip out my compass when I need it. Now I just have to figure out if this is the last time I’m going to change my mind and if so, when to go take the plunge. I’m hoping Roland will go with me to lend moral support.

That’s a deep subject.

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Well, we’re back from our weekend escapade and the house is eerily quiet. Bleys is still at the vet because they aren’t open for pick up on Sundays. I will be going to get him tomorrow, so for the time being there is just the sound of the typity typing that Roland is doing. Disney was lovely as usual. The weather was nice (not blazing hot/no rain), and the crowds were minimal. Roland got to ride the new roller coaster and really enjoyed it. One bummer though, over in the Magic Kingdom the place you get noodles and pot stickers was closed. I hope it was closed for cleaning or something and not closed for changing the menu. I really liked that place.* We also encountered some of the worst service EVER on the drive there. I would say that the lack of competition at the service plazas on the turnpike (toll road) is causing some serious ruination at the Burger King. It was awful and kept us there for like an hour. I would think twice before stopping at the Fort Pierce Service Plaza!

I guess that Roland’s parents are planning another trip to Disney in May, so I’m thinking/hoping we will go up and meet them again for a while. I had a good time in December so I wouldn’t mind. We didn’t do Dive Quest this time so maybe next time? By then I will have taken AOW so maybe I will have learned all sorts of new and exciting things.

Update: Apparently that place only operates seasonally. So it sucked that it was closed, but I’m glad that it isn’t permanent.

It’s ME!

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Anne asked my about my cool new avatar and where I got it. Well, Roland could explain it better, but there is this very funny D&D related online comic called the Order of the Stick(OOTS) which are stick figures made in some paint kind of program. They also have a message board area of the website that has people talking about role playing, this comic, other comics, all sort of stuff. One of the threads there is called Arts and Crafts where people who are talented that way like to show off the OOTS type avatars they have made. They will also take requests from us less talented folk and Roland asked for one that was like me. So voila, there I am and with Bleys no less. I like it a lot and think it’s awesome.


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Roland and I are going to Disney for the weekend. Annual passholder get some pretty cool perks, but this was one I didn’t know was coming. They are opening an new roller coaster in the Animal Kingdom soon. Before it does though they are letting annual passholders get in to try it out. While I am not the roller coaster type, Roland is, and a weekend getaway always sounds nice to me! So off we go for a (hopefully) relaxing trip. I’m interested to see what the crowd levels are. I’m hoping the parks will be a bit slow and am thinking maybe that is why they are trying to lure people in? Who knows, we’ll have to see.

Be sure to check of Shannon’s new blog!

Stop, breathe, decide

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Well I splurged today and ordered one of the these and one of these. I’m hoping it will help a bit with the dive hair. When I braid my hair for diving it compresses at depth and then comes out on the way up. Leaky mask due to hair and hair caught on stuff isn’t a lot of fun and sea water is not the kindest to it so maybe this will help. I’m hopeful that it will arrive before my AOW class with Jason.

I’m also getting a little nervous for the class and all that goes with it. Well I guess it’s actually more about the all the goes with it (I think). I’ve always been pretty decent at school so learning stuff shouldn’t be too hard. But I’ve never been on a boat dive or a dive in the ocean, or with the equipment I will be renting or buying, or with a dive buddy other than Dave, or a whole bunch of other things. Plus trying to pick out the best choice in gear is really becoming a stressor for me. I don’t know why I can’t just accept that among the choices I have there isn’t a wrong answer. Any of those choice would serve me just fine.

Parking Lots

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If you read my comments you may have noticed that Shannon (who rocks) posted that she and Rhonda are having twins! I knew it, I just knew it! Shannon is going to make a great parent. I’m sure Rhonda will too, but I didn’t have the pleasure of getting to know her as well as Shannon. I also just got an email from Doc Swift saying that she is expecting a boy in May. How exciting.

It was really nice to hear from Doc, but it did bring into focus my current feelings of loneliness. The people who work at the humane society were not only really great to work with, they were my friends. While working at the HSKC certainly wasn’t all flowers and glitter, in fact I don’t think I would still be working there even if I had stayed in Michigan, the people were something special and I miss them a great deal. Okay this is making me sad, so I’m going to stop now.

Baby steps to the elevator

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Did some more scuba reconnaissance today and bought a wetsuit and some low top boots. I have some high top boots but due to my *ahem* ‘sturdy legs’ I can’t zip this all the way up. It’s a start, albeit a small one. I did get to chat with the dude I like the best at the store though so that was good. He is more willing/able to tell me why he thinks what he thinks.

P.W. isn’t feeling very well today. He woke me up this morning by hurling in his crate, walked a bit slow on the walk this morning, and hurled again this afternoon. Both times it was just bile since he hadn’t eaten in a while at the time. Now he just seems a little down, but it’s hard to tell since he is usually pretty sleepy about this time. I hope he feels better tomorrow.

Nostalgia Heidemann Style

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Over yonder you can read about the crazy fun that was Showbiz Pizza. However, in my family we didn’t go to Showbiz. For one thing we would have had to drive an hour to get to one (the joys of living in a small town which is actually the largest town in it’s area) and for another I think my parents would rather have walked on hot coals than have to suffer through a dinner there. Don’t get me wrong though there was still fun to be had with pizza. When we went out for pizzertainment, we went to the Roaring Twenties Pizza Parlor, but it was still an hour drive so we only did so if we were already in Grand Rapids for something else.

If you drive down 28th street a bit west of Patterson Street you will find a strip mall called ‘The Roaring Twenties Plaza’ on the North side of the street. The reason it is the Roaring Twenties Plaza is that the Damon’s there used to be the Roaring Twenties Pizza Parlor (which in turn became Good Time Charley’s). Inside was pizza (of course) and…wait for it…a theater organ! As you dined the organ would dramatically rise up out of the floor and an organist would play for you. This included all sorts of bird sounds, trills, and bubbles. It was pretty sweet, and my dad really enjoyed it. Now that the Roaring Twenties is gone that particular Wurlizter can be seen and heard at the Public Museum of Grand Rapids.

Now perhaps some of you can see why there was absolutely no way I was going to turn out normal.

Update: Apparently Damon’s is now closed. I was chatting with my mother the other day and she was at Erika’s (which is in the Roaring Twenties Plaza and is home of some of the tastiest food anywhere) at noticed that it was no more.

60 degress and lovin’ it

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I spent a great deal of time tossing and turning last night after going to bed. I kept thinking about picking scuba gear and the class I’m going to be taking. I kind of want to get my equipment as soon as possible so I can get used to it and whatnot before having to use it to learn new stuff. I also wish that Roland wasn’t so busy with the beginning of his classes so he could take the class with Jason and I and possibly get gear too. I’m a little afraid that if I get gear and he doesn’t that it will be less likely for us to go diving together. I like having someone I know so well as a dive buddy and Jason will only be here briefly. That means I’m probably going to have to dive with people who’s ability and common sense quotient I don’t know. Kind of worrisome. I suppose this is what most other divers have had to deal with already, but I’ve been lucky.


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Living with Roland, it’s like eating in a restaurant every night. Tonight was asparagus, chicken bacon burger deals that were simply delectable, and some pasta salad that Roland made just for me! He made a baked noodle dish last night and he reserved some of the noodles and made a pasta salad. It even had hard boiled eggs in it. Rockin’! It was a really good dinner, and smelled great while he was making it.

P.W. and I went to the dog park today as it was time for an expression and a bath anyway. It was a good time and he ran around like a nut. He was a little more forceful with some of the other dogs this time too, which was interesting. We’ve been going on a walk every morning and when we pass the dog park he leans into the leash pretty hard (for him – which is not very hard because he has better manners than that). But with the grass allergy we can only really go when a bath can be given pretty much as soon as we get home.

I also started reading my book for the AOW class Jason and I are taking in February. It is pretty interesting, but very basic. I’m sure this is because the makers of the book and classes have to aim low to accommodate a lot of people as this class is very early in the series of classes you can take (meaning many people of varying abilities will be taking it). As you move on into the series I’m sure they can get more detailed and whatnot as fewer and fewer people will be taking those classes. I hope it goes well and Jason will help me out when I need it!