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Anne sent me this kick-ass care package (thanks again Anne, you are awesome). In it was one thing for Dave, a Cook’s Illustrated magazine. Roland really like this magazine but doesn’t get it anymore due to the cost and not having enough time to read it (while at the firm), so he was excited about getting this free copy. Last night I was reading in bed and Roland joined me after the Colbert Report to peruse Cook’s. The first article? Pan roasting a whole chicken, which he just did for dinner and still had some chicken breasts to use up. The second article? Spinach salad with dressing made from bacon drippings, which he just did for dinner. The third article? Pot roast, which he bought from the store and was planning on making later this week. Later in the magazine? The long lost recipe for creme brulee, which I adore and Roland has apparently been plotting how to make me sometime since we didn’t have the Cook’s Illustrated recipe (originally published years ago).


Rainbow Connection

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As a super bonus suprise my Sistrah sent me a care package! She is the nicest Sistrah a girl could ask for. It was filled with all sort of different things, from a crocheted shrug to TMBG stickers. To be honest it doesn’t even matter what is in the packages (although she always sends cool stuff), the fact that she sends them is what really counts. I love getting letters and packages. It gives me warm fuzzies. Silly and juvenile? Perhaps. Cherished nonetheless.

Delicious Frustration

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I’m still working on my desktop. I never did get the hard drive that I bought working, instead having to install one that my dad sent me. After finally getting that up and running (and going through what felt like 5 hours of Windows updates) my wireless won’t work. I have installed, un-installed, and re-installed the blasted adapter about 8 times. I finally got the computer to recognize the thing at all but the computer isn’t seeing any wireless networks. It’s not the router or modem because I’m able to use the internet just fine wired. Stupid Computer. My last recourse was to email the Netgear people, but I haven’t heard anything from them yet. If not, I guess I will have to go out and get a new adapter. But this time I’m thinking of getting one from Linksys that goes through USB rather than using a PCI slot. It will also allow me to move the unit around a little more to maximize my wireless range.

In much happier news, Roland Made Me Dinner. Considering the dinner I think it deserves gratuitous capitalization. It was from the AB book I’m Just Here for the Food. It was a whole chicken with shallots and garlic. From what I understand it was first pan fried and then put in the oven for some more different cooking. Notice that my understanding is rather limited and for a more complete look you will have to pester Roland to tell you about it. We also had zucchini and sausage, and a really good salad with spinach, Havarti with dill, and bacon, with a raspberry dressing. It was awesome. Apparently the whole chicken didn’t fit in the pan so Roland saved the breasts for a later time and we had the thighs, wings, and legs. The meat was so tender the bones just fell out. And the flavor! The garlic and shallots were perfect, soft and tender, so tender you could spread them. In fact we did, on some bread, making it a fabulous garlic bread. I’m tellin’ ya, mouth watering! Bleys agreed, right before dinner I got his dinner ready and he totally went Pavlov and started drooling. It was sort of cute and sort of scary. I’m told that there is dessert as well (once I’m hungry enough again) so perhaps, if you behave yourselves, I’ll tell you about that later.

No, you ah!

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How did I get so lucky? Roland is now on “spring” break. I put the quotes in there because it wasn’t ever winter here so that doesn’t count, and even if we were still in Michigan it’s not spring there either. In any case, Roland went grocery shopping today and I think I’m in for a treat for the next week or so. I got Dave AB’s first book for Valentines Day and now I get to reap the rewards. Tonight is looking like steak, but I help put away a pork loin (hee, hee, loin), turkey brats, and a whole chicken which sounds like it’s destined for an AB treatment involving garlic and shallots (hear that? That’s the sound of me drooling). I also saw some pineapple and cantaloupe and all sorts of veggies. I’ve been craving vegetables with a vengeance lately and Roland has been indulging me with dinners heavily weighted in the veggie category.

I made dinner the other night (this is quickly becoming a rarity aRoland’s food is WAY better than anything I come up with). One of my favorite things to make ever is stuffed green peppers. However, Roland isn’t a big fan of the green peppers so I tried it with cabbage leaves. Pretty much making galumpkis. They turned out very well except next time I think I will boil the leaves a little longer before stuffing them. We had them as leftovers as well since it made quite a bit and we also had corn bread the first night. I really enjoyed them and I think I will make them again soon. Well, I think it’s time to take the poop-meister out…

I hardly know her

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I’m all out of sorts this evening. I keep flitting from activity to activity without real interest. In fact I wrote those first two sentences and then starred at the page for like 10 minutes. Roland is playing poker. He has been doing pretty well at the super low stakes tables on-line. He used to play in more tournaments, but lately those haven’t high on his list. Sometimes he and Jason coordinate and play at the same table. It’s kind of cool that they can play poker together even from across the country. Not the same as having a nice little home game with friends and some beers, but cool nonetheless. PW is sleeping next to me on the couch and I’m just sort of hanging out. Maybe I should make a trip to the fabric store and see if any crafts catch my eye. I have had a project brewing in the back of my mind for a while, but I would need to buy some special glue somewhere. I think it is technically for shoes or something, but apparently it glues foam pretty well. The other materials can easily be found at Joann and wouldn’t cost very much. Anyway, I don’t think I had anything to say to begin with so farewell and good night (with a flourish).

So, he’s a duck?

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After a trip to the vet we have come to the conclusion that Bleys must have come into contact with some fleas. It sort of boiled down to the only logical answer despite any evidence of their presence. A little over a week ago I noticed that Bleys was getting super itchy, taking a closer look I noticed some hair loss on his noggin. Four little tiny bald spots each with a little scabby bit in it. Hmmm…interesting, they seem to be in the shape that would correspond to a hind paw being repeatedly drawn across the scalp with force. He was also nipping at his hocks and licking at his forepaws. All the things that would lead one to think fleas. Now, we have him on a monthly heartworm/flea preventative and Frontline every 21 days (rather than the usual 28 days) because he is allergic to flea bites. However, living in an apartment we can’t really control what goes on in our ‘yard.’ Some of our fellow dwellers don’t even pick up after their furballs, so chances of them having them on any sort of heartworm or flea preventative are on the low end. So every time PW demands poopsies we are probably exposing him to fleas. Anyway, as soon I noticed the signs I grabbed him and started looking. Nothing, no fleas, no flea dirt, no bites. Ok, let’s try giving him a bath and see what happens. He is also allergic to certain grasses and food items so perhaps he made contact with one of them. After the bath he seemed to calm down a bit for about 24 hours. But then, more itchies. I tried to prevent him from doing more actual damage to his skull, but man was he itchified.

Another day later and still no improvement so I called to make an appointment with the vet. Unfortunately she is a very popular lady so the next appointment was not for a week and a few days (yesterday). I settled in to wait it out which was hard because he was clearly very itchy and uncomfortable. I got through like 3 days and couldn’t take it anymore. He was still doing all the things that make a person think of fleas. I got out the flea comb. I started going over him pretty much every evening when we were all just sitting around watching TV or using the computer or whatever. Nothing. More nothing. Then about Sunday or so I did find one! Eureka. Thank goodness. What? Fleas are a good thing? At least it was something. I only found the one and I’ve been using the flea comb on him everyday. I though maybe after finding that one he would have his itchy reaction for a while and then it would calm down (just in time for the vet appointment), but he continued to itch.

Finally the day of our appointment arrived and we went. Doc Cindi looked him over and like me didn’t find any evidence of fleas, except the symptoms that pointed unerringly toward them. She even expressed his anal glands to check for any issues there (which is awesome because then I don’t have to do for a week or two). Finally we decided to give him a Capstar, switch him to Advantage for a while (possibly permanently), add a EFA supplement on top of his food, and put him on Tavist for a while. So now we are getting him on all of that and hopefully it will help.

Then I got the bad, bad, bad news. The vet remember that I have him on Eukanuba K/O and she told me that it isn’t going to be available anymore. Apparently kangaroo isn’t going to be allowed into the US anymore or something. Crippity Crap. I was happy with the K/O and so way Bleys’ tummy. So now I’m going to try to pick up a bit of it before the supply line runs out and then think about switching to F/P maybe? I’ll probably ask Doc (the original) what she recommends.


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Do you ever have one of those days/weeks where every time you eat something you don’t feel well. It doesn’t seem to be accompanied with any other sick-type things and I get hungry at appropriate times (lunch time, dinner time). But then after I eat I feel decidedly ookie. I tried some fairly innocuous soup for lunch and it still make me ookie. It seems like it would be more fair if I’m going to be ookie that I wouldn’t get hungry. It hardly seems right for my body to demand food and then ‘reward’ me with ook-fest.

I have also been trying to investigate the aquatic complex that is down the street from my house. I am feeling generally unhealthy and I thought that if I did swimming that would also help with scuba. Double benefit is good. However, I can’t seem to get anyone to respond to my emails. Bummer. They also have a small fitness room which would be nice. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Mean People Suck

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Apparently I’m uber-sensitive today. I was reading scuba board this morning and came across a couple of threads that really bothered me. They were threads of the ‘such and such happened and made me uncomfortable, what would you (more experienced peeps) have done in this situation. I was reading these because I’m pretty new to the sport and if I can learn about what can go wrong and how to fix it before it happens to me (possibly preventing it happening to me at all) then I’m all for it.

In one of them one poster had had similar problems more than once and people were totally flaming him about doing the same thing over and over again and not learning from what they told him (although as far as I can tell it was only twice and he tried to fix the problem but unfortunately a similar thing ended up happening again). Why do people have to be mean? If they think he isn’t listening or whatever why don’t they just keep their fingers to themselves?

Also, on a regular basis posters will ask questions that people feel has been covered ad nauseam. Instead of posting a link to a previous thread that would really help the poster they say something mean about doing a search. Now searching on scuba board isn’t necessarily the easiest thing (thanks Jason, for teaching me how) so I feel bad for people who get flamed thusly. I just don’t understand why people can’t just be nice.

UPDATE: So in response to my post in the Whine and Cheese section of the board people were of course mean. You make me sad.

More than meets the eye

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This is all I feel up to today. Some funny (some of you may have seen these all ready):

and because I always wanted one, but never got one:

and I wanna start a throwie campaign!

1.21 gigawatts of taste

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I sort of got off track for a while there, but the next thing I was going to blog about (*ahem* anonymous) was the dinner that Roland made us all this past Sunday. It was the last day of our AOW class and Jason and I had two dives starting at about 12:00 and getting done at about 4:30/5:00ish. Upon our arrival we stepped out of the car and honest-to-goodness I smelled something delicious on the air. I dismissed it as someone grilling on their balcony (no you’re not supposed to do that, but yes they do anyway) even though it didn’t smell like grillish. Jason and I lugged all of our stuff out of the car and up the stairs. Did you know that stuff gets heavier when it’s wet? Yeah, well, I suppose I did too, but there is nothing like experience to illuminate things. When I opened the door to the apartment that self-same mouthwatering aroma nearly overwhelmed me. Turns out Roland had the door to the balcony open and it was wafting down there to taunt anyone who happened by. Jason and I ditched our stuff and started investigating. Dinner was still cooking. This was bad for a two main reasons.

1. I was pretty hungry, the smell was awesome, and now we had to wait.
2. Now we had time to start to rinse off our gear rather than procrastinating.

Jason was kind enough to rinse out our BCDs at the same time he rinsed the salt off of himself. He actually ended up rinsing off everything else as well later because he’s just that kind of guy (thanks J).

Eventually everything was ready and dinner was served and this is what we saw.

We each had a Cornish hen, which had been brined and then stuffed with garlic, rosemary, and lemon. Seriously people, the.juiciest.thing.ever! And the juice is bursting with flavor too. I can not even describe the deliciousness that is this Cornish hen. It has easily met and surpassed lamb as my favorite meal that Roland makes for me. The breast is fairly well dripping with lemony rosemary goodness and I pulled the leg bone out of the meat whole. Talk about tender. This time there was a honey glaze that made the skin all crispy and slightly sweet. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

There was also an artichoke and sausage dish with a white wine reduction that I really like. Artichokes are hard to deal with though so I’m lobbying for a zucchini version so that we can have it more often. We also had a cornbread square with some of the honey glaze drizzled on top which I thought was a very nice compliment to the Cornish hens. Lastly there was a salad that Roland makes a lot of variations on, but I really like so that it fine by me. Spinach with some sort of moldy cheese (blue, gorgonzola, etc), red onions, and walnuts, with a vinaigrette dressing. Very tasty. It is absolutely incredible to me that Roland can make this kind of stuff right here in our apartment. It tastes like some famous chef made it for a restaurant. Did I luck out or what?