Love at first bite

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I want this.

I just can’t

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Has anyone seen the commercials for Mission Impossible 3? I noticed them and had a very intense reaction to them. There is pretty much no way I’m going to be able to see that movie. Why? Solely because of the Grand Poobah of Bizarre that Tom Cruise has become. His believability score has taken a serious hit and it has gotten to the point where I can’t even take him seriously in character. Upon reflection this also seems to have leaked onto to past movies of his, which I can’t bring myself to watch either. Apparently there is a threshold of weird-tolerance, and he has jumped over it (doing an arabesque with a tutu on).

If you need proof of how strange he has become he make a joking comment in an interview that when his child was born he was going to eat the placenta and umbilical cord…and people believed him.

You coveteth my ice-cream bar.

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Bleys got one of his favorite toys today because Roland got a soda at work today. He hadn’t finished it, and brought the rest home to drink with dinner. After he was done P.W. was starting at the empty bottle with barely restrained wigglation, looking first at the bottle, then at Roland, then at the bottle, then at Roland with a barely audible whine. Finally we relented, removed the wrapper and there was puppy nirvana.

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The ultimate in whimsy

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There once was a Very Sad Tree in Seattle. In the fullness of summer it sported just a few meager leaves and when winter rolled around…forget about it. So, this poor pitiful tree needed some love, and a kindly neighbor named Erika was compelled to give it. I absolutely cannot look at this picture and not smile. She provides the pattern on her blog, so if you feel so inclined you too, can share some love with a Very Sad Tree in your area. She also has a hat that speaks binary, and through her site I found the perfect thing for all you zombie knitters.

I’m afraid I can’t do that, Dave…

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I got a kick out of this today. I like how the dude who made it thought about making the paint look like it had been used in a desert, and that it is street legal in California. Plus, who could resist putting the flame thrower in the back? I found it via WWdN:IX and probably like it more because I used to have an Escort (albeit a light blue mini station-wagon), and one of the people* in SK88 works on modding cars to be like KITT on Knight Rider. For all you fans out there, last year sometime there were rumors that David Hasselhoff was going to revive the series (possibly as a movie), but I haven’t heard anything of it since then.

*Heya Dan, I miss you!


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My confidence in the AnneArchy venture is at low ebb at the moment. I think there are two main reasons for this.

1. There always seems to be so much more to do before it can go anywhere.
2. I’m currently (and often) unsure whether my items are really good enough to sell.

I’ve also been…uneasy…this past week. I don’t feel sick, overly tired, or have any specific pain/complaint. I just don’t feel right, and I’m not sure if the source is physical or mental. It’s kind of weird, but I’ve been unable to dispel the feeling.

I guess I don’t have much good to say right now, so I think I’ll keep it short.

Shoots and ladders

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Sudden Awareness: Hey, it’s a bit dark in here isn’t it? Oh, I see, one of the light bulbs in the living room light fixture went out.

Dilemma: Hmmm, we have 12’ cathedral ceilings and last time I checked I’m 5’4”

Solution: I guess I will have to ask the maintenance people for some help. Seems a little silly (asking for help to change a light bulb – there have got to be all sort of jokes in there somewhere), but there’s no way I’m getting up there as it is.

Maintenance People: “We don’t do that, and no you can’t borrow a ladder.”

Dilemma: I’m still 5’4” the ceiling is still 12’ and now I’m miffed at the maintenance people.

Thus, our latest purchase of a ladder. We didn’t own a ladder when we owned our own home (with a garage and a shed for convenient storage). And yet, here in our third floor apartment (with tiny little storage closet) now we have a ladder.

Please Help

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So, who’s bored? Need something mindless to do? Well, I’m your gal. If anyone has some time they want to waste on the internets I’ve got an assignment for you. Go to a website that sells machine embroidery designs like this one and look around at the designs for anything that might look nice on a knitting needle case. I’m currently on the hunt for a cool looking skull, but it’s hard because a lot of the designs are cute. I mean really cute, sickeningly cute. You have to wade through fluffy ducks and chubby angels to find anything worth while. But I’m hoping that maybe some of you might stumble across something cool. It could be something sweet like a skull, or a really nice looking flower, or something I haven’t thought of at all. Happy hunting!

Update: Thanks for the heads up Anne, I fixed it.

das Heimweh

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I’ve been working on some AnneArchy items the past few days. I’ve finished two and they turned out pretty well, but I’m currently feeling unsure that they are good enough to sell. Roland says they are, but he’s required isn’t he? So, now I need to take pictures of them. In order to do this I think I’m going to have to go out any buy some yarn and other knitting items for staging. Now I regret getting rid of all my spare yarn in the move (oh well). I also think I’m going to buy some fabric to be a backdrop, maybe something off white? I think white might be pretty stark and a color might clash with some item or another. I guess I’ll have to see what I can find cheap. This is where it would be easier if I was still in Michigan because my Dad has that kind of stuff and is like a professional photographer in the quality of his pictures. Or, I could put the we’re related now squeeze on Karl (with a K) and I bet he would help me with all of his knowledges. Plus, he is (as far as I know) currently a bum like me so he might actually have the time to spare.

It all kind of circles back around to “I wanna go home.” I would really like to visit Michigan, but it just doesn’t seem like it’s going to work out any time soon. People are very busy, and have a lot of plans throughout the coming months. It will just have to wait.

Happy Birthday to me!

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Ok, so it was a few days ago, but I’ve spent the last three days playing with my presents. This year I got WAY more than I was expecting. Roland got me some really rockin’ presents (he makes me so happy). When we got up he gave told me he had arranged his schedule so he could stay home with me all day. Then he gave me my first gift, a gift certificate for a manicure and pedicure. So nice. I went over and had my manicure and pedicure and since I was there and they weren’t busy I also got my hair trimmed (for the first time in over a year – yikes). I came home feeling very refreshed and relaxed. Then we hung out together all day. He told me we were going out to dinner at 6:30, but wouldn’t tell me where. So I asked him what he was wearing so I could judge what I should wear and got ready. We ended up at the Melting Pot, which was the perfect choice. We had a fabulous dinner and dessert (mmm melted chocolate – I used a spoon Jason, not a straw). Then we came home and I got to open presents. Roland also got me some books I really wanted and screen covers for my DS which I really needed. Mom and Dad C. got me HP and the Goblet of Fire on DVD and some candy (yeah baby). Anne and Karl got me some jewelry, a cool new DS game that we can interact wirelessly with, and other assorted fun stuff.

I mentioned in a previous post that my parents got me a computer, which came earlier this month, is totally awesome, and I use it every day. It has been extremely helpful in the creation of the AnneArchy website. Needless to say I thought that was all I was getting from my parents (I mean, really, that is more than one would expect anyway). Then my mom told me to be expecting another package from them as she had gotten me another small gift, so I would have something to open on my birthday. So I’m thinking, cool they got me a book, or some chocolates, or whatever. I was out when the UPS dude tried to deliver it on the 29th, so Roland was nice enough to stick around the apartment on the 30th so he could sign for it while I went out and got pampered. When I got home the package was huge…and heavy. It turned out to be an embroidery sewing machine. What? What! I have wanted one of these…well, as long as I’ve known that such an animal existed. But I never expected anyone to get me one.

It is incredibly cool. It has about a ton of built in stitches including two different one step button holes. Then it has the ability to connect to a computer via USB and using the program provided with the machine you can embroider with it. Most of the machines I’ve seen out there have that program built into the actual sewing machine. A person then inserts what amounts to a flash drive into the machine with the designs on it. However these machines often only accept a certain format of designs. The Futura software allows you to use a bunch of different formats. I think all the cool stuff it can do like that is because the whole computer is at your disposal instead of just the resources in the machine. This also means it is updatable. When I first opened it, I thought that I would install the software on the laptop and just bring that in the craft room/library when I needed it, but then I realized I have a better solution. I just got a new computer, remember? Now I have a perfectly good desktop just sitting around not doing anything. Sure it’s not the fastest thing in the world, but it still works (thanks to a new hard drive). So I set that up in the craft room and after a few false starts (one thing the Singer people could do a little better with the documentation end of things) I have embroidered a couple of samples. I just used some left-over fabric I had sitting around. Anyone who has been to the house we used to have in Grand Rapids might recognize it as the fabric I used to make the roman shades in the master bedroom.

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This is my first one. It turned out pretty well, but the white bobbin was pulling through to the top a little bit, so on the next one

Image hosting by Photobucket

I started playing with the top thread tension. As you can see the right side of the design was where I was really messing with it. The left side I put it back to where it is supposed to be. I still see it a little though, so I’m going to see if I can improve that as I go on. Then I downloaded a design on-line and embroidered it.

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I like that one a lot, but clearly I need some help with the picture taking side of things. So far I’ve stuck with designs with only a few colors for two reasons. I don’t have very many colors in embroidery thread, and I’m new at this so I’m keeping it simple. Anyway, this thing is super cool and I’m totally in craft-geek-topia.

An interesting experience though. I went to Joann yesterday to get some bobbin and embroidery thread to get started and as I was looking at the thread, a lady there turned to me and said “You know those are embroidery thread, right?” There was just something in her tone that made me think, she assumes that because I’m under the age of 50 I couldn’t possibly know about or be involved in embroidery. Since I’ve been doing embroidery of one kind or another for over 20 years now, I felt a little offended by her remark. I tried to shrug it off, but it bothered me for most of rest of the day.