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Last night’s dog obedience class didn’t go as well as the others have. The ADHD in my dog showed up and he would not stop trying to eat the grass, or something in the grass, or pay attention to me very much at all. Ok, it wasn’t really that bad, he was still one of the best behaved there, but it was a little out of character for him, and I expect a lot from him. So, this week we are going to have to work some extra to see if we can not have that happen again. He did do very well with leave it though. He was in a down-stay and the instructor came around dropping treats in front of each dog to see what they will do, and he stared at the treat really hard for a while, but didn’t move. Good boy!

We continue working on our newest command, stand. Bleys has a hard time with this one because his instinct by now is, when in doubt – sit. This comes from him having to sit to be petted, or jump on the couch, or the bed, or whatever else, this being a “nothing in life is free” kind of household. He is about 50% on the stand command now, but I’m just not sure that he’s got it, so, we will have to keep working on it. I would also like to teach him some silly tricks, so when people ask me, does he do any tricks I will have something. So far I’ve focused mostly on the behaviors that are useful to me, but most people don’t find them terribly impressive (even though they totally are).

I’m attempting to be outgoing a little later today. There is a group of local divers (and some out of town guests) getting together later this evening for a cookout/get-together, and Dave and I are going. Hopefully it will be a good time. I only know one person who will be there (that nice lady who went shore diving with me on Wednesday), so I will need to put on my extrovert pants for the meeting of new people. I am also bringing my homemade marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate for some s’more action. I soaked some wooden skewers in water earlier and now they are drying off so they will be ready for the flames. Who knows maybe I will meet some more people who need a dive buddy.

On another note I saw the Colbert Report last night and they had a story about my favorite restaurant…The Melting Pot. It wasn’t terribly favorable toward it although the whole piece was clearly tongue in cheek. Well, what isn’t on that show, right? What I can’t figure out is how they came up with how much it cost to eat there. In the story a couple went out to dinner for the woman’s birthday and theoretically it cost 150 dollars. I keep trying to make that work out, but the only thing I can think of is that they didn’t do their research very well and neglected to notice that the meals are generally priced by the couple (not individually), hence it ‘cost’ twice as much as would normally be the case. Or perhaps they had two other people with them that they were paying for, but we didn’t see in the footage? Or maybe they got some really expensive wine? It was a funny bit, but it won’t stop me from angling for The Melting Pot every time someone asks me where I want to go for dinner. Ok, maybe not every time, but clearly many times out of ten.


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I got to go diving today! Woot + 1/2! It was a very nice shore dive with a person I met on a diving message board. She lives up in the Palm Beach area and was nice enough to not only drive down to Ft. Lauderdale to dive, but to let me borrow a tank as well. So I dove for about 3 dollars in quarters for parking. It doesn’t get much better than that. Maybe she will want to go diving again! I think she is a bit younger than I am (and a whole lot thinner) and seems very interested in diving. She also mentioned that the reefs up near Boynton Beach are sweet, so maybe I will drive up there to try again.

Today was a shallow dive, which means we could stay down for a long time (I think we ended up around 1:45) and we saw a buncha-buncha fish. I don’t know the names of many any of them but in honor of Roland I started naming them things like Kite Fish and Kissy Face Fish. This made me really want the ocean life ID set I found at Amazon. Too bad it’s mega expensive. I guess if I had to pick one of the three I would get the fish ID book as they are what catch my eye first, although I would like to know about the other stuff too. In any case it was a lovely day which made me think:

Jason – you have to come back and go diving again! Maybe this time we could take Nitrox?

Crack Puppy

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Bleys loves to sleep in the cracks:

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I woke up grumpy today, it got better during the day, but now I’m actively angry. What turned the tables? My stupid apartment complex. Now the “pool is closed until further notice.” For crying out loud.

In case you were wondering, yes the treadmill is still broken so now, not only can I not walk to get some exercise (it’s simply too hot for me to walk outside without danger of a heat stroke, plus I liked the incline so I could make it a cardio workout) I can’t swim either. I guess it wouldn’t bother me if I didn’t pay a bajillion dollars a month in rent. I don’t get any equity out of it, so I feel like they should be darn sure that the extras they promised are available…well, at least half of them would be nice.

Other things they aren’t doing:

This is theoretically a gated community, although the gate has been broken since before we moved in and there has never been a guard.

The tennis courts have been closed/locked up since last October.



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For reasons I can’t explain, I felt the need to make marshmallows.

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I think they turned out pretty well, but I think the powdered sugar you need to shake them in (due to the extreme stickiness) makes them a little too sweet. I’ll have to see what Roland thinks though. Do they make strawberry extract or something like that? I think flavored ‘mallows would be nice.

Guess Who!

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Are you ready for some cutitude?

The other morning I woke up before Roland (well, that happens a lot) but this particular morning Bleys missed Roland…a lot.

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Seriously, he laid there with his nose pressed against the door, waiting for Roland to get up for at least a half an hour. Later that day, after using the computer for a while with Bleys sleeping at my feet, I got up and went in the other room and when I came back…

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Gak, the cuteness! The chair-stealing cuteness! Then he got really comfortable.

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“Your chair? I haven’t seen your chair anywhere. This is my chair, isn’t that obvious?”
Then the last one was from a little while ago, but since I’m posting a Bleys-fest I figure it fits in.

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To quote Cute Overload: ehn, ehhhnnnn….

Anne! Anne! Anne!

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Did you see this?

Susan and Roland sittin’ in a tree

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Roland took me on a lovely date this evening. We went to see The Lake House and out to dinner at Panera Bread. Now some of you ladies are out there thinking, good job on The Lake House, but Panera Bread? Couldn’t you find something better? And the answer is no, he couldn’t. I really like Panera Bread and he doesn’t like it that much. So, not only did he take me to what was clearly going to be a chick flick we went to dinner someplace for me as well. What more could you ask for? My husband is simply the best. I ate too much, what with the popcorn at the theater and dinner, but boy was everything tasty.

When I came home I went swimming for a little bit, but didn’t stay long because it was later than I normal go and it got to be too dark. I get a little paranoid about being out by myself after dark. Roland is usually nice enough to take the dog out for his before bed constitutional so that works out well (for me anyway). In other swimming news I’m really digging the new goggles I got. They weren’t very expensive, and really do allow me to keep my eyes open (and not irritated) while swimming. It increases the enjoyment of swimming a lot.


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Well, I didn’t have a very good day today. I got up this morning with plans to go diving up in Boynton Beach. Just a little 2 tank morning trip to a nearby reef (supposed to be some nice diving there). However, things did not go according to plan. First, I got a little lost on the way there. Not too bad though, I think the exit numbers on I95 have changed in the recent years. The place on-line said exit 44 and it was really like exit 57. I got a little worried when I had passed exit 50 without seeing it so I got off the freeway, went into a parking lot, and re-checked the map I keep in my car for just such an occasion. Lesson for anyone visiting SE Florida – maps and mapquest are your friend. Do NOT go anywhere and figure you can just wing it, or you will see it eventually, not-gonna-happen. I figured out the difference and moved on. No biggie right? I got to the place a little later than I had planned because of that stop and the fact that their entrance was closed and there was a detour to a new entrance. I wanted to get there about 9:15 and ended up there about 9:30, again no biggie. However, when I went to pay for my excursion the dude told me that he only took cash or check. Oops, I don’t generally carry around my checkbook and I didn’t have that much cash on hand. I had enough for general purposes (and tipping) but not for paying. So I ended up heading back home, dive-free.

Even a year and a half ago I don’t think this would have fazed me, but since moving down here, I’ve gone into a bit of a hermit mode. People down here aren’t necessarily super friendly (at least not in the same way as my midwestern peeps), and I’m getting progressively more and more introverted. This all leads to me not going out much and evidently not coping with situations like that well. I was stepping outside my (new) comfort zone by 1. going diving 2. without Dave and when it didn’t work out well, it really got to me. So today I’ve been a bit down and I think I’m going to go swimming.


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Tonight we worked a lot on heeling, and the various stays. Bleys has picked up the bad habit of going to a down during a sit-stay which we are working on correcting. I think it’s just more comfortable for him, but he needs to not break the stay until I say so. When we have a choice I always put him in a down-stay so he won’t be as likely to break it. He also struggles with the distractions during a stay. Well, only one distraction really. When someone else comes up to him and pets him…forget it. He totally loses track of the stay, me, or anything but that wonderful person come to play with him. The problem is that it is hard to practice that without other people to be the one petting him. Maybe I can go to the pet store with him and find some willing/bored workers there? I wish more places were dog friendly around here. In some large cities there will be certain restaurants that will allow dogs on the patio, or independent book stores that allow you bring in your dog. So far, no luck here though. They seem more uptight about it here than in Michigan. Anyway, class went well and I hope this bodes well for us passing the test at the end.