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Some music fun for you:

Star Wars
Mario Brothers (click on Music from the Mushroom).


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As I mentioned before we decided to try the ABC Commissary for lunch at MGM. We had never eaten there before and thought it sounded like a good option among the counter service restaurants. We walked in and began to contemplate the menu. We were just finishing the decision to get two different options to share and moving on to deciding which two options we wanted to share when a cast member approached us. He asked if we were on our honeymoon (I was wearing my Minnie bride ears, which Roland bought for me), and we told him we were celebrating our 5th anniversary and he offered his congratulations on that and the fact that we still looked like we were very happy together. He then asked if we needed any help with the menu, which is what I think he came out for in the first place. Perhaps it was in response to the new and interesting things people might not be familiar with. We thanked Tom, picked our options, and proceeded to eat our very good food. As we were finishing up our meal Tom appeared at our table with two chocolate mousse cups to help us celebrate our anniversary. He was so sweet and so sincere it really made my day. Plus the mousse was delicious! We made sure to stop by guest relations later in the day and compliment him.

Counter Service

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I’ve been noticing it over the 5 years that I have been visiting Disney World, but it was on this trip that it really became obvious to me. Disney has some made a huge effort to have interesting and good counter service food. At the Pop Century cafeteria they now have soy burgers, ham and havarti flatbread sandwiches, vegetable lasagna, and some really good looking pizza among many other options. At the parks they now sell fresh fruit and the counter service food isn’t just burgers and hot dogs anymore. Over at MGM we tried out the ABC Commissary and ended up sharing some curry chicken and a Cuban sandwich with plantain chips. I for one really appreciate the change, it makes eating at the counter service places a lot more enjoyable. Plus it is somehow easier to pay $7.50 for a Cuban sandwich, not so much for a hot dog.


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I found another stray dog yesterday. I was just pulling out to run some errands and this groomed Pekingese came trotting around the corner. Some of the people around here are idiots and let don’t leash their dogs so I sat for a moment and waited to see if a person appeared somewhere near the dog. No joy, but I could see it had a collar on it (a spiffy yellow Nascar number) so I figured I would sneak a peak at the tags and maybe take him back where he belonged. I re-parked the car, got out, and tried approaching the dog. Again no joy. He kept his distance and was quite standoffish. I did get close enough to pet him a little, but then he tried to bite me. Great, now there is a dog running around that will either get hit by a car or bite some child that doesn’t know better and tries to pet it. As an added bonus the collar had no tags attached. What? That’s right no tags. And what, pray tell, is the point of having a collar for your dog if you aren’t going to put tags on it. Just letting everyone know he likes Nascar are we? Super. So I ran back upstairs and grabbed a leash. I spent the next 10 minutes or so following the little dude with the makeshift slip collar/leash you can make by passing the clip end of the leash through the hand loop. My patience and experience at the HSKC came into play here and I did get him on the leash without too much trouble. Then we trotted over to the office to ask if they knew the dog before I called animal control. They said there was only one Pekingese on property but the picture they had was of a Pekingese in full coat so they weren’t sure if it was the same guy. They were very nice and volunteered to call over to the apartment to see if they were missing their dog. Turns out they were and Gizmo had mysteriously escaped. Mom and Dad weren’t home, but their daughter (17ish) and son (12ish) were. One of the nice ladies from the office accompanied me over to their apartment to deliver Gizmo. There are three people at the apartment.

1. Son
2. Daughter
3. Daughter’s boyfriend

Hmmmm, can you imagine what happened? I asked both the son and the daughter to tell their parents to get Gizmo a tag so that he didn’t end up in the shelter if this ever happened again. I held my tongue on the neutering thing as I didn’t think the message about the tags was going to get through anyhow. I also made the son take off the leash so I wouldn’t have to get near his face. Good times.

In happy news Roland and I leave tomorrow for our 5 year anniversary trip!


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Two quick things:

1. Bleys and I are set to take our therapy test on August 3rd. Wish us luck.

2. There have been even more changes. Your comments desired.

The tupperware lady is having Satan’s baby.

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So I was watching television and an commerical came on for Starbursts. It was set on a tropical beach and featured a skinny white boy in a rasta wig named Tashi. I turned to my husband and said. “Dude that looks like Steve Huey.” Low and behold, it totally was. I visited his My Space and found a blog entry about going to Cancun to film it. I guess I should have known after *ahem* “starring” with him in an unforgettable French class video skit.


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While I was sewing the other day and a certain someone needed to share my chair with me. Isn’t he helpful?

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Did you have a sticker book?

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I made stickers! I got some special label paper and a template and made up some stickers for the hoodies for younglings. If I can find a color laser printer I may print them out in color (the AnneArchy symbol is in red) but it’s not a high priority for it to be in color.

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Anne has indicated that she has found the AnneArchy sew-in labels and is sending them on. Having recently moved myself I was rather amazed at the speed with which she found them. Kudos, Anne. I also ordered some size tags in your basic S, M, and L to sew in with the AnneArchy label. And I found a possible place to get short zippers (Joann is kind hit and miss on the zipper selection and I need a very particular kind of zipper). At least I use basic colors, black mostly , so that isn’t an issue.

Unfortunately every time I think of one thing and solve it, I think of about ten more that need to be addressed before I can actually get close to finishing the site. I’m getting a little discouraged.

D20 Forever!

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Roland just sent me an awesome clip from youtube. It is Steven Colbert being interviewed by Conan O’Brien. Steven Colbert gets a whole new level of respect from me for his D&D knowledge knowledge (+5). For those of you who may be wondering/feeling left out:

Gen Con – the largest gaming convention here in America.
Gary Gygax – orignal author of D&D and pretty much the father of roleplaying as we know it.
Len Lakofka – wrote the Lendore Isle campaign.

And if that wasn’t enough here is some more!

I just can’t stop

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I was doing some work on the cutting board and after moving PW off to the side (it’s hard to work with a puppy in the middle of the board) he fell asleep. So, clearly it was time to take some pictures. Warning the cuteness is well nigh overwhelming.

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He also has the cheek puff so sought after on CO. Behold!

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But I think the thing I find the absolute best are the eyebrows. It just makes him so expressive. Plus he did really well in difficult circumstances at dog obedience on Saturday. We had a make-up class on Saturday because we’ve been rained out the past two weeks in a row. When we got there at 1:00 in the afternoon it was wicked hot and they had just mowed the grass. The lawn mowage might not seem like a problem, but it stirs up all the latent delicious scents just waiting to distract poor defenseless pups like Bleys. But he came through like a champ and was only minorly distracted.

I have a feeling that we may be the only team that is ready to take the test at the end of this class. The other dogs obey very well, but only when they are on a gentle leader. Unfortunately you can’t take the test on a Gentle Leader. It is flat collars only. I think a couple of people were a little surprised when she mentioned this. A few of them then tried to work a bit without the GL. You can totally see the difference in the people (yes the people, not the dogs). They lose their air of confidence and instantly revert back to asking their dog to do things, which the dog promptly refuses.

There is one dog in particular that I feel sorry for. First of all, both his owners come to class sometimes, and they sort of switch back and forth from week to week who is doing the training. Not the best situation, but hey at least they are both involved? However, they coddle this dog terribly and enable each other to do so. He moves like molasses and it’s plain that the dog is just being lazy. They ask him to sit about five times before he actually does and half the time when they say ‘let’s go’ (their version of heel) he just sits there and looks at them. Instead of just putting on their leader face and making the dog do it, they mumble things like ‘oh, but it’s too hot for him’ or something. Yes, it is hot, but if you notice all the rest of the dogs are moving along just fine. Granted it is a lot easier to make a dog of Bleys’ size do something that a dog that is more like 90 pounds (he could stand to lose at least 10 of them), but it’s not impossible.

Plus once you have a behavior you aren’t finished. You should keep shaping that behavior to make it better. Now you only give them a reward if it’s a speedy sit, not just whenever they feel like it, etc. Training your dog never ends. Bleys and I work nearly every day, granted it’s only like 5 minutes a day, but it is constant and consistent. At class on Saturday we worked a little with introducing the dogs to walkers and canes. After they got used to them the instructor would walk around the dogs and drop the cane near them or make otherwise loud unpredictable movements. She commented that it was very unusual for a dog Bleys’ size not to jump away from the dropped item. Why didn’t he? Because I drop things near him on a regular basis. Phone books, clip boards, text books, anything that will make some unusual noise. I guess I’m just surprised at the level of the people in the ‘advanced’ class. Then again from what it sounded like people can come back and take this class again and again until they are ready. Guess I’m just lucky we will only have to do it once.