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Roland and I were watching a bunch of VH1 the other day. I think we were watching the 100 best songs of the 80’s or 90’s or something and who should pop up? Steve Huey! I went all “I went to high school with that guy and we did a skit in French class where the Tupperware lady was going to have satan’s baby and I think we made Madam Bateman cry!” Somewhere there is a picture of him with my sister because at one of our band concerts she wore his band suit and he wore her band dress. Good times, good times.

Merry Christmas

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Andrea, who is on the flyball team I take classes from sent me this link today. It is a crazy amount of lights and coordination.


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Clairstown update. Now I can have industry! Once again I’m not quite sure all that means, but now, once a day, you can choose to go to here and you will add a person to my population. OR you can click here and add a factory to my city. Apparently if I get too many population clicks and not enough industry clicks I get unemployment and people start to leave.

Oh no while I was typing this I aquired 6% unemployment! I need a factory stat 😉


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While visiting with Kala (the Cavalier breeder) it came up that they had an avocado tree with a whole lot of avocados on it. Just about ripe too. Turns out that Kala doesn’t like avocados though, would we like to take a couple home? Sure, my mom is coming for a visit and she loves guacamole. What we didn’t realize is that apparently here in Florida they are slightly larger than we are used to seeing in Michigan. What are we going to do with four of these behemoths?

A mess of Cavaliers

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A while ago I mentioned going to a Holiday party for the Boca Raton Dog Club. It was a very nice time, albeit a little on the loud side as it was held in an old train depot. While there I met a very nice woman who breeds Cavaliers. She invited us over to for a play date sometime. Since January is apparently very busy with her show schedule we made arrangements to meet today. She has a nice house a bit north of here with a large (for around here) fenced in yard. We had a very nice time and Bleys really seemed to enjoy the company of this own kind of dog. Here a some of the pictures I took while we were there.


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Okay, so this is what Clairstown looks like today. I’m still not sure exactly what the plan is, but it seems like every day that someone visits I get more houses, roads, or something and each person gets one visit counted per day. So keep visiting Clairstown every day and I’ll get to continue to see what develops there!


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Ever wondered what the inside of a cranberry looked like? I didn’t…until I was cutting some up to make Roland some cranberry bread (which turned out pretty well).


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Via Anne. Visit my city so I can have a thriving metropolis. Or at least more than one house.

You can also visit Anne’s city Wampville.


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On the way back from Clearwater yesterday Bleys was in the back seat. We are very lucky because he doesn’t mind riding in the car at all. In fact mostly it just makes him sleepy.

I do believe I’m getting tired.

It’s gets so hard to keep my eyes open.

I think I’ll just rest my head…

And take a little bitty nap.

Pier 60

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This weekend we made a little trip over to Clearwater to meet up with Roland’s Grandparents. His dad had just driven them down for their yearly stay in Florida. By going over now he got to see both his Grandparents and his Dad at the same time. And to be honest we haven’t been over there to see their trailer yet so it was probably about time. It was a long drive with some not very fun parts as it decided to pour rain for a while and there was also quite a bit of traffic at the end that was a little stressful. But we got there just fine and went out for a little walk on a nearby pier and grabbed some dinner. As an added bonus we drove right past the headquarters of Scientology, which Roland found particularly thrilling.

While we were on the pier I managed to take some pictures. I’ve noticed that Roland’s families pictures are almost entirely of people all lined up in a row smiling at the wrong camera. So I tried to take some when people didn’t know it, or weren’t expecting it, so they didn’t have time to line up. The first is a picture of Grandma Rosemary taking a little break on one of the benches along the pier. I’m pretty sure she didn’t have any idea I was taking pictures at all.

The second picture is probably my favorite. I like the three generations thing and I sort of caught them off guard, giving them just enough warning to get them to smile (which they all did!). I really like how it turned out. Although I think I might crop it a bit and get rid of a little Roland’s arm.

Third is another picture of this handsome fella with the monochrome filter. This was actually a practice shot, I was trying to sneak around Roland a bit so I could get a shot of him, his father, and his Grandfather who were all in a row leaning on the railing and looking out at the ocean, but I just wasn’t fast enough and they started to walk away.