Hand Puppets

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Via my Mom.

Also, my Mom has now fully joined the cell phone age. She passed her final test by calling me because she wanted someone to talk to while she was coming back from a meeting in Lansing. Way to go Mom!

Gazpacho del Sol

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One of Dave’s favorite things at Disney is the gazpacho at the Hollywood Brown Derby. I found a recipe for a gazpacho from the Brown Derby over at All Ears and made it as a surprise for him. Unfortunately it isn’t the same as what he likes and turned out very sweet. I think maybe I will try it with red tomatoes, half the sugar, and twice the jalapenos.

No surprise

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via Anne

Shh, I’m secret

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Via Anne

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Talk about setting the bar pretty high. Check out this creative fellow’s proposal of marriage.


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As I mentioned before I went to a flyball tournament a few weekends ago. I also recently wrote a website for the flyball team I take classes from. The website can be found here, and the pictures that were descent (and some from another photographer) can be found the gallery of 2007 events. There are also a couple of videos of a flyball race if you are interested, one can be found in the practice gallery, and one can be found in the 2007 events gallery (it’s the very last thing on the page).


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Somebody at Roland’s work has season tickets to the Dolphin’s in the super awesome club level and were unable to use their tickets on Saturday, so, we got to go. It was a lot of fun and we were right on the 50 yard line, in the first row of the club level. I don’t think you could get better seats unless you were in one of those fancy boxes or whatnot. I’d never been to a professional football game before so that was cool. I’d never been to a professional basketball game before we went to the heat game last year either. Unfortunately the Dolphins lost to the Buccaneers, but it was a very close game with some very good looking plays and some very questionable looking plays (I’m pretty sure I saw at least one granny toss by each team). I suppose it was the pre-season so maybe they were doing some last minute weird stuff.

That’s a Tree?

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So, I haven’t been very good about the blogging lately. I think it falls in the if you don’t have anything nice, or in this case positive, to say – don’t say anything at all. Then the other day Anne told me just to post some picture or something, so here is a picture of a cool tree down at the dog park. It doesn’t look like a typical flower of a tree, and it’s very bright. I thought the picture turned out pretty well.

I went to a flyball tournament and took like a bajillion pictures only a few of which turned out. So, I called up my photo expert, my dad, and he gave me a few pointers. I’m hoping that will improve my picture taking a bit. Although, I think I really need a better camera to be able to do some of the stuff. I really like the small size of my current camera though, so I think I would keep using that for some situations.


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Today is International Left-hander’s Day. So, take a moment to consider some of the challenges that lefties face and do something nice for your favorite southpaw!

Here are a few everyday items that are secretly right-handed:
Bread Knife
Scissors (and I’m not just talking about the handle)
Paper Cutter
Mugs with pictures or writing on them
3 ring binders and spiral notebooks
Pencils and Pens with writing on them
Can opener

“If the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and the right side of your brain controls the left side of your body, then left-handed people must be the only ones in their right minds.” W. C. Fields

Wash Day

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I washed the sheets yesterday and when I went to put them back on the bed Bleys was lying in the way. I started putting on the fitted sheet assuming he would hop off when I got to his corner like he normally does. But this time he decided that it might be okay to just stay there. So, I put the last corner on and voila! A rather lumpy bed…but don’t worry that’s Roland’s side.