I couldn’t hear you

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As Roland mentioned he was nice enough to accompany me to a flyball tournament this past weekend. I’m not sure how much he really liked it, but it was really nice to share it with him. It was, as usual, extremely loud. I still don’t understand how the other team members spend all day in there without some sort of ear protection. I use my ear bud earphones. I don’t normally have them plugged into anything, I just use them for the noise reduction. I warned Roland ahead of time so he also had some ear plugs with him.

Bleys did get to warm up a few times and he did okay. I think he would have gotten it by the end of the weekend if we had gotten in just a couple more runs. But it just didn’t work out, I guess. Unfortunately the tournament in October got canceled, I won’t be able to go to the one in November, and there isn’t one in December (holidays and all). So it will be quite a while until Bleys gets to try again. I’m trying not to be bummed about this, but it isn’t working at all.


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I happened to have my camera within reach last night while we were hanging out. So, I was taking pictures of Bleys and I thought this one turned out pretty well.

As he was trying to nap at the time so he wasn’t super appreciative of my activities. He is apparently sensitive to all the beeping and other noises associated with my camera. Every time I focused, took a picture, or changed a setting he had to open his eyes to check out what was going on.

In other news I had a lovely chat with Katie the yesterday. It was really nice to talk with her and it made me miss having close friends I really feel comfortable with. For some reason the people I know down here I just don’t feel at ease around. Perhaps I just haven’t known them long enough? I don’t know. Anyhow, it was nice to talk with her.


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Check out this animation short.

Via DrJ.

Lime Green Pillow

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This evening Bleys and I were hanging out on the couch, he was over on one side and I was on the other. Apparently at some point this became too great a distance between us. Bleys got up and moved closer and ended using my feet as a pillow. Roland was able to quietly get up and get the camera to capture this moment. Bleys’ head was really nestled in there at first, but when Roland came back with the camera he moved a little before deciding that food was not forthcoming and going back to sleep.

Hide me!

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Bleys doesn’t really like to be bathed. I would say he doesn’t like to be wet, but he enjoys swimming in lakes and loved the splash adventure last year. I think he mostly just likes water on his own terms. Which, evidently doesn’t include rain or a bath.

Now after a bath I use a hair dryer to dry him off. Ridiculous? Probably, but he has a lot of allergies and a lot of hair. If I don’t do the whole hair drying thing he will get all itchy and matted. Not pretty. Anyhow, he doesn’t really care for this process either. It doesn’t bother him so much on his body, it’s more about his face. He hates it when you blow on his face too. We’ve come to somewhat of a compromise in which I cover his face with a towel while I dry the rest him. This past bath though, he REALLY didn’t want the hair dryer near his head. As soon as I got him on my lap he burrowed his head under my arm and wedged his head behind my back. Roland took this picture over my shoulder.


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When Bleys and I are training for flyball I leave his food in a little plastic cup that is usually just for measuring. When we finish I usually put it on the floor to show him there is no more food, otherwise he doesn’t believe me that we are done. Lately he has taken to carrying it around the apartment a bit. This is absolutely adorable as when he grabs it, it covers most of his face. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to snap a picture of it. However, I did get this picture of him looking very pitiful, and would you look at that, right next to his food cup. I believe I can hear him now…

“Please, they don’t feed me. I haven’t had a morsel in days and I’m so very hungry. Won’t you slip into the kitchen and grab me a few pieces of food? I promise I won’t tell.”


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It just seems a little unfair that Bleys is only 16 pounds and yet takes up half of the chair. But now that he is four, I suppose he feels entitled.