On the way to flyball

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Bleys and Jubilee on the way to flyball practice this morning. Jubilee did awesome, as expected. She didn’t care who she ran for, Derek, me, whoever. As long as there was a ball involved she was fine. Bleys did all right as well. He still gets a little spooked when a dog is coming off the lane and he is supposed to go on it. And he still doesn’t grok that it would be great if he actually caught the ball from the box, but it’s going well anyway. I think they both had a good time.

Roland was nice enough to join me this morning to help wrangle both dogs and crates and whatnot. It was nice to have him there, but it is very early, so I’m not sure how often it will happen. Oh, and there are a couple other pictures of these two on the way to practice in my Flickr account if you are interested.

Hanging out

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After a short morning at the dog park everyone wanted to hang out with Roland. Apparently that’s the place to be. I wanted to spend longer at the park, but Jubilee chased about a million tennis balls and frisbees and she was panting really hard and wouldn’t take a break. So we came back early. I figure if it comes down to it, we can go back later and use up some more energy.


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I’m dog sitting this weekend. A woman named Andrea recently moved to the area and has been practicing with our flyball team. She runs with a team up in Jacksonville, so going to practice with them every week isn’t going to work.

Anyway, Andrea had to go away for the weekend so I’m looking after her gorgeous lab Jubilee. Isn’t she beautiful? So far we’ve just been hanging out, but I think tomorrow we will leave Roland in peace to grade papers for a while and go to the park. Then on Sunday we will all troop over to flyball practice. Should be a good time. I’m not sure Jubilee will do a flyball run without her person, but even if she doesn’t I can take my Chuck-it and we can play fetch after the practice. That way when Andrea comes to pick up Jubilee later on Sunday she will hopefully be all tired out and ready to relax for the rest of the day.

Human Flyball

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One of the ladies from flyball had this linked on her youtube page. This is what happens when the tables are turned. Warning the videography is questionable at best, and a bit on the loud side.


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And one more time. This was a cute design, but it doesn’t ring my bell, like the skull, rampage, or panda ones.


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You guessed it, another onesie. This one was a little difficult because the edges of the applique were so complex, but it’s one of my favorites.


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Another onesie for Etsy. This one has a white fleece skull appliqued on it. I think I might like this one better if it was on a onesie that wasn’t white. That way the skull would stand out more. As it is I’m liking the fleece appliques the best. They give it an added dimension with the soft feel. Although I still think the cherries are best suited to the sheen of satin.

With a cherry on top

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Today I appliqued this little onesie to sell on Etsy. I also tried another design, but something went awry and that one didn’t turn out. Oh well, I will just have to try again. I have a couple other designs I want to try out and I’m hoping I can find relatively cheap onesies in other colors. I will have to go hunting at some baby stores. Some of the designs look best on the white, but some others might be cute on other colors. I found that gray one from yesterday at target for not too much, and they also had red and navy. As my mom used to say about my attempts to clean my room…It’s a start.


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Today I made this baby bodysuit to sell on Etsy. Bodysuit? Isn’t that just a onesie? Well yes, it is, but it turns out that ‘onesie’ is a copyright of Gerber, so only Gerber bodysuits can technically be called onesies. I had no idea.

Anyway, it is a long sleeved heather gray 12 month onesie, which I appliqued this totally adorable panda on. The panda is white fleece with embroidered detailing, which gives it a really nice soft feel and adds some interest. I think it is super cute, and I think tomorrow I’m going to try out a couple more new applique designs.

Can’t you just hear the barely audible little crunching of bamboo leaves?

Embroidered Storage Box

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Yesterdays craft was making this embellished photo storage box. I bought the white box and then covered the lid with some fabric I embroidered. The white, purple, and black motif matches the sewing room of my dreams (which I started in Michigan, but had to leave behind and now I can’t pain the walls). Originally the design was to put grommets in the sides of the box for a ribbon holder where you can just pull the ribbon to dispense it. But I decided that I wanted a neater, cleaner look and skipped them. I also added some lengths of dowel to keep the ribbon tidy in the box. I’m thinking about making another one to replace my old photo storage box as well. There are more pictures of this on my flickr page (just click on the picture) including a closeup of the embroidery design.