Pie Disaster

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Roland loves Key Lime Pie, so I made him one today…but I don’t think he is going to eat any of this one. I was also going to make some soup, but the pie fiasco sort of put a damper on my cooking enthusiasm. We’ll see if I get around to it.

Look, they match!

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I ended up with a whole lot of stuff I needed to take to the demo so I decided to make myself a little present. I wanted to make it in blue, but the only blue shades I liked were too dark to the Cavalier embroidery to show up. So I went with navy-red, in a nice micro-suede. It’s quite roomy, and I thought it turned out nicely. The only thing I don’t really like this that when it’s empty it’s a little bit floppy for my liking. I used the stiffest interfacing I could find, but what I really need is a specialty interfacing that is a bit expensive and I would have to order online. But seriously isn’t that puppy just adorable?


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Drawing of Bleys
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One bonus of being at the festival all day was that I got a chance to get this sweet picture of Bleys. A dude was drawing them for free (although he did accept tips). I wish I could sit down and put pencil to paper and have it come out looking like this!


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It’s been quite a while since I did anything with this here blog. I somehow got myself into a bunch of projects that all came due at the same time. It’s mostly because of a demonstration that the flyball team I take classes from was doing. The park that allows them to practice there every week was having a doggy festival thingy and asked the Storm Riders to put on a little demo, showing people what flyball is about.

Apparently no one wanted to do the talking so I said I would. Somehow that turned into me organizing a lot of it. So I went all teacher on it and planned it to within an inch of it’s life. The demo was right in the middle of the day, and we had a booth all day long at the festival. For those people who weren’t there during that actual demo I made up a little display board that explains a little about flyball and has some pictures of the Storm Riders. Then I made up a facebook with all the team dogs getting a page with their info and some pictures, including one of them with their person. I thought it turned out really well! I wasn’t sure how scrapbook people do lettering so I embroidered it on a length of ribbon with metallic thread. I originally wanted blue ribbon, but I couldn’t find anywhere that had enough of it. So I settled for black instead. Hopefully it doesn’t look too weird. I also made up some brochures and some business sized cards for people to take from the table.

I really struggled to get everything done by the day of the demo (which was yesterday), but it all went fine. A lot of that is thanks to Roland who was hugely supportive and helped me a million. The actual demo part was a little difficult because the microphone was corded and I could really see the flyball team from where I was standing. This made it hard to tell which team won the races we were running. Roland sort of stood at the edge where he could see the demo and I could see him and he used hand signals to let me know what was going on. Not the smoothest operation, but such is life. Anyhow, the demo is over now and I’m exhausted. I think I got way too much sun and didn’t drink enough water or something.

Jumping to Digital

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I couldn’t resist trying again with my digital camera while I was at the dog park today.


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I had a few pictures left over on the cheap film camera so when I took Bleys to the dog park I tried to use them up. I ended up with some not so great ones, and then this one that made we wish I had taken my digital camera with me. Or that I had whatever camera my fellow flyballer Andrea has. She took some really nice portraits of the flyball dogs. You should totally check them out here.

A new experience

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Another thing we tried out while my parents were visiting was snuba. We didn’t wear BCs or have tanks on us. The air was kept at the surface and we were connected to it via long hoses. My parents aren’t divers, so we kind of wanted to try something that we all could do. Unfortunately, what I didn’t know at the time was they only were going to take down two people at a time anyhow, and do the other two on the second location. So I would have been better off just diving so I could take more pictures of everything. Oh well, at least I got to try diving while only wearing a wetsuit. I found it less enjoyable than actual diving, but a good experience anyhow. My snorkeling at the second reef was marred by a jellyfish incident (they were everywhere that day), but I carry vinegar in my save-a-dive pack so it stopped stinging by the time we got back to shore.


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After Christmas and Roland’s Birthday my parents flew down for a visit. They stayed over the new year and we spent a few days having fun in the sun down in the Keys. The weather was much warmer than usual allowing us to partake in some Florida activities that would otherwise have been quite chilly. We were originally going to stay in Key Largo again, but one of my Dad’s coworkers suggested Marathon. I’m certainly glad he did. I really enjoyed staying there and in the future will probably push to stay there again. It is centrally located being on Key Vaca allowing for day trips both up to Key Largo and down to Key West. We didn’t make it up to Key Largo this time (except to visit the Key Lime Products store on the way back up to Fort Lauderdale) but we did go down to Key West for an afternoon.

One of my favorite excursions was to go kayaking. We even ended up taking Bleys! He wasn’t too sure about the whole operation but I think we did pretty well since I’d never been in a kayak before and we managed not to tip over at all. Here is a picture of us in the foreground and my parents in the background. We bought one of those cheapy underwater cameras that uses film so they aren’t the best, but it was at least something to preserve the memories. I think if my parents make noises about coming down again I may find a way to spring for an underwater digital camera. They have some that aren’t too atrociously expensive and I think the quality would be greatly enhanced.

Yet another sleeping picture

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You may wonder why so many of my pictures of Bleys are of him sleeping. I think it is partly because he is so completely anerable when he is tired, and part of it is that way he isn’t moving so I’m more likely to get a good picture.