The perfect level of creepy

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This past year Anne has been smothering her lawn in order to start fresh this coming year. I just found one thing she really really needs to put as a center piece. Its a little expensive since its a tree but seriously, I would get one in a second if I had a yard to put it in…and lived in a zone it could survive in.



I haven’t been in much of a Christmas mood. I put up the tree in hopes that it would help…not so much. I think that living in a place that the weather at Christmas feels more like late September-October has something to do with it. Also, that because I don’t live near family anymore, I don’t have a years worth of gift ideas stocked up also doesn’t help. So I turned to Etsy to hopefully give me inspiration. In that pursuit I also found some other stuff I really liked…for me 🙂

This little guy is so cute and he’s a jewelry box!

I really like this necklace…something about the acorns.

It would be cool if they had one of these with a girl sewing…but this one is great because the trees are very home-ish.