Hi, my name is Susan…


And I’m an Etsy-holic. I’ve been in a very jewelry mood lately and I found some on Etsy that I really like. Why, oh why can’t I find this stuff before people ask for birthday ideas?

Red is the New Black – I think this one is very pretty, but probably wouldn’t buy it given the high shipping from New Zealand.

Cherries in the Snow – Love the splash of red!

Kate – Not usually a pink gal, but I really like this one.

Insatiable – I like the contrast between the red and the silver, plus its long enough to double for a layered look.


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Kitty in the jungle
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Thanks once again to my awesome Sistrah I’ve sold another hoodie. Apparently one of her friends has a son who is really a cat. Really, he said so himself. So she wanted one of my Mini Manx hoodies for him. Well, the original has pink in the ears so I thought maybe he would prefer something else. The final decision was gray which I think turned out nicely. I also couldn’t resist adding a detachable tail. I mean, despite the name of the hoodie, what self respecting cat runs around without a tail?

I also took the product shots outside this time and really like the results.