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The Doombringer has returned.  Bleys spent last night in the doggie hospital but seems much improved since he came home this evening.  He’s thin (he’s below 15 pounds!) but still on rice and chicken only so we will have to try to fatten him up when he goes back on a full diet.  He did immediately try to start licking dirt again as soon as he got home so we are going to have to watch him pretty closely.  I ordered some supplements but I’m not sure when they will arrive.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do if they don’t get here by the time we need to leave for Michigan.

Speaking of which, that is coming right up.  I haven’t done any planning or packing or really anything and I’m starting to freak out a bit out it.  I’m usually right on top of these things, but not this time.  I’m still not even sure when we are leaving or returning!  Yikes.  I’m also tad nervous about feeding raw while away, but I guess we’ll just have to wing it.  Plus, what if Bleys isn’t back to normal yet, what if he gets sick on the road, what if…

Ellie, Imogene and the gang

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I finally got some pictures of the new Blythe dresses up on Etsy.  With the rain it was so dark it was hard to get good shots earlier today.  I finally got some good light around 6:00 this evening.  I think they turned out pretty well and they are taking me less time as I do more of them.  So far I haven’t had any bites on the new ones, but they have only been up for a few days.  The one with the most views is the Peacock Dress, which is still my favorite by far.  New dresses:

Lovey Dress for BlytheLovey Dress

Imogene Dress for BlytheImogene Dress

Patty Dress for BlythePatty Dress

I think the Imogene Dress is my favorite of this batch.  I also made another Ellie Dress because I like that one so much.  We’ll see if it sells again.

More than worry (TMI warning)

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Apparently the answer to a previous post is that blood in the diarrhea is the time to take him to the vet.  Yesterday Bleys added that little gem to things, so this morning I called and the vet squeezed us in at 9:00.  After some testing they think its a bacterial infection possibly caused by his recent habit of licking dirt.  So the vet recommended a supplement called Dogzymes, as a deficiency might explain the dirt licking in the first place.  He’s staying there overnight and I’m researching the Dogzymes.  I wish I knew more and could feel more like I was making an informed decision.  Anyone have any knowledge here?

Dawn Dress

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I didn’t sleep so much last night so since I was up I made another Blythe dress.  I named it the Dawn Dress because it was about dawn when I finished it.  I think it turned out nicely and there is a slight variation that I’m thinking of trying.

Dawn Dress
Dawn Dress

Anne gave me a buncha findings for my birthday and I really like these tiny buckles.  I currently only have black in the teeniest size so I’m thinking of getting some different colors of those if I can find them.

Dead balls tell no tales


Recently Lisa, a woman who has one of Wixer’s half brothers named Punk started an awesome blog called Flyball Prop-a-ganda.  In a post based on a comment I made (awesome!) she talked about asking for advice from other people so I’m thinking about posting what I’m doing with him here.  Hopefully, there will be pictures and video and good descriptions of what I’m working on. Who knows, maybe someone will have advice for me here, and if not I will have a record to take with me when I find someone to ask.

Right now I’m mainly working on foundation stuff, both flyball related and regular manners.  I do have to remember he is only 4 months old and compared to 90% of the other dogs out there he is very well behaved and whip smart.  He does blow the other dogs in intermediate obedience away and they are all way older (yeah, I think he’s pretty awesome, how could you tell?).  But I have pretty high expectations and he’s got some pretty big shoes to fill being Bleys’ sibling.  Roland is pretty good and reminding me when I’m being a little too over the top and seeing the other dogs in obedience is also a good reminder.  Anyway, for obedience we’re working on the usual; sit, down, stay, stand, loose leash walking, heel, wait, swing, find heel, circle, spin, paw, off.  For flyball we do restrained recalls, recalls with a dog running a full lane next door (thanks Slammers and Lisa), race to the tug – although I can only win that one if someone else holds him and gives me a good head start!  We did some chase recalls a while ago, but I need to remember to do them more regularly at practice.  I haven’t had him do any jumps or do anything with the box.  Quite a few other Florida flyballs have puppies of around the same age as Wixer and some of them post updates about how their puppies already run the full pattern including taking the ball from the box.  I’m not quite sure what to think about that.  I do feel like he’s maybe getting closer to being ready for some jumps, but not yet and not regularly.

Today we practiced a few dead ball retrieves in the back yard.  I try not to do too much with the ball yet so that the tug will continue to be the end all and be all of Wixer’s world (a fellow flyballer at the tournament this past weekend told me how his puppy of about the same age decided he didn’t like to tug anymore – yikes!).  But I don’t want to wait too long to introduce the ball so that he doesn’t not like the ball or become a spitter.  Fine line there, wot?  I’m also trying to keep an eye on which way he likes to turn, but I often forget to actually pay attention.  I *think* he prefers the left at this point, but still need to watch (or have someone else watch) some more.  He did pretty well and I think generally has the idea of going to get the ball and bringing it back to receive a seriously awesome session of tug.  We usually spend a good 2-3 minutes of tug for each retrieve so hopefully that puts the emphasis on the tug and not the ball.  That amount of time on the tug also means that we don’t end up doing very many actual retrieves which is part of the plan (hmmm…that makes it sound like I have an actual plan and everything).  I do need to make a new tug soon though.  I was using a simple/soft three strand braided one while he was short on so many teeth, but I think he needs something a little more sturdy now, so I’m going to make a four strand one to replace it.

Things I need to fix:

  • I need to remember to keep the tug much lower.  Isn’t it always the way that the thing you need to fix in dog training isn’t with the dog, but with the handler.

Things I would really like to know:

  • How do you find a flyball seminar to attend?  I would even travel a ways to get to one, but I haven’t the foggiest how you find out if/when/where they are actually happening?
  • How do you know when you should introduce jumps?

Things I’m internally freaking out about:

  • How do I get started on the target stick in preparation for wall work.  Man, do I not want to screw this up.


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Now that we have a house the urge to garden fell upon me. So I did little research and discovered that growing veggies around here isn’t going to just happen. After reading a bunch online and getting some advice from local gardeners I decided to build a raised bed for my vegetables. Then met with a whole lot of resistance. So after a lot of thought I decided to get one of the kits from Frame it All. Then I tried to put it together and had to give up. There were so many rocks underneath that I couldn’t get it in the ground and square. Luckily my parents came for a visit and Dad helped me finally get the thing together. I was a little late for spring seeds here so I got some starters from Home Depot and Lowe’s.

We’ve already harvested a few salads worth of lettuce, there is a green pepper growing, and now I have my first tomato!

First tomatoNot so Big Boy (yet)

I also have some Roma’s starting and some teeny weeny cherry tomatoes.  Depending on how these make out, round about September I hope to plant some from seed.  I got a suggestion of Black Krim as a variety to try but I’m not sure what else.  I’d like to try some carrots and maybe parsnips.  Oh!  I also like to get a potato bin at some point for some fingerlings and the like.

We’re looking at getting our lawn redone this summer so I’ve also got to decide if we’re going to leave some beds empty along the fence or house.  I wasn’t going to, but now I’m thing maybe its a good idea.  Have to give it some more thought.


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I’ve got dresses on the brain today.  I’ve been trying to get back to sewing and have made six new Blythe dresses to sell on Etsy in the past couple of days.  My two favorites are:

Peacock Dress
Peacock Dress

Asha Dress
Asha Dress

I’m also on the lookout for a dress to wear for the weddings coming up in May.  I actually bought one dress already, but I’m not sure about it and Julie volunteered to come looking with me.  So after she gets home we are going to take a trip to Macy’s to see what’s there.


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So when is it worry and when is it legitimate take them to the vet concern?  Bleys hasn’t had a descent bowel movement in almost a week.  He strains and produces a little goo, but nothing normal.  So as time goes by I’m getting more and more concerned.  I try to adopt a wait and see attitude, but end up awake at 4 in the morning blogging.  So I just gave him a little enema (I know, TMI) and given the fact that he didn’t do anything (ie poop it right back out) perhaps he’s dehydrated?  I’m thinking maybe another enema in the morning if he hasn’t produced anything by then.  Hopefully I will be able to go back to sleep at some point.


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This is my first post using WordPress, which my sister was so kind to set up for me.  I think I’ve imported my old blog posts over from the old one, but only time will tell.  I’m still figuring out where things are and how to use them so I’ll probably be making changes as I learn.  Hopefully I will have a new post soon about what I’ve been up to.