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Where do I start?  We’ve had a busy time these past few weeks.  We packed up and hit the road with the puppers on a road trip to Michigan.  This was our first trip on raw so I admit to cheating and mostly doing pre-made frozen, which has been working well so far.  Maybe as I get more comfortable I will improve…here’s hoping.  The next thing to work on is boarding.  Not sure where I’m going to find a place that will do a home based diet at all let alone a raw one.  File that in worry about it later I suppose.

The two days of driving was actually pretty good, the dogs were very well behaved.  Although Wixer was understandably squirrely at the hotel.  Luckily we stopped first in Canton visiting Anne so as soon as we got there they could have a yard to run around in.  Anne’s older dog Logan wasn’t very interested in the dogs and Brodie actually did very well.  It only took him a few times getting picked up by the back legs to figure out an appropriate level of excitement.  Our time with Anne was nice, took a lot of walks with the dogs, went to a farmer’s market, made some delicious dinners.  I even got some time to sew a couple of dresses while Anne was at work.

After Canton we trekked across Michigan to North Muskegon to see Roland’s family and prepare for his brother’s wedding (one of the main reasons for our trip).  North Muskegon is also awesome because of Dog Star Ranch, a private dog park.  We used to know this piece of land as a public par three golf course, but someone bought it and turned it into an awesome dog facility with a huge park, boarding, doggy daycare, etc.  We’ve been going out every morning and walking about 3 miles with the dogs.  Wixer probably runs more than 6 with all the back and forth and around he does. This is our view most of the time…Wixer is that tiny black dot in the distance on the path.


The past couple of days we’ve also been lucky enough to meet up with a lady who has a 18 month old Doberman, just the perfect match for Wixer.  Her name is Lena and they play together like they’ve known each other forever.  Tons of bitey face and chasing!

Wixer and Lena Wrastling, Jake watches

It makes doing things during the day pretty easy, because he is worn out and ready for a nap about the time we want to go out and about.

Mike’s wedding was great.  The bride was gorgeous, the groom was nervous, and the reception was hopping.  All in all a rousing success.  Considering that they have been engaged for something like 7 years it was an accomplishment to get them married off.


Now that the rehearsal, wedding, and brunch are finished we finally have some time to relax.  We’ve also managed to sneak in a couple dinners with Laura and Ryan (and finally met their youngest, Elanor), Chad and Christina, and Dave and Katie (and finally met their youngest, Henry).  Tomorrow we head over to Big Rapids to see my family for a while and who knows maybe I’ll have more time to blog.


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I’m supposed to be packing.  I’ve been getting ready to leave pretty much all day and I’m much closer, but not as close and I’d like to be.  I think I’m packed except maybe a few things-to-do, books and the like.  Now I have to work on the dogs and dog food, but mostly I’d really like to just sit around for a bit.  Soooooo, I’ll blog and then I’ll have a reason to be sitting down.

The vet called and Bleys’ bloodwork came back still pretty high on the WBC so Roland went over there while I was a obedience to pick up another round of antibiotics.  I think we will have another panel done when we get back.  Boy do I hope nothing goes wrong while we are in Michigan.  Is there a vet finder app for android?  Wixer gave me a lovely present this morning in the form of a molar.  He was chewing on it and it sounded weird so I opened his mouth and viola.  Tooth.  Hopefully we are getting near the end of teething, he still needs to change over the canine and the front molars, but the back molars and the front teeth are all adult.  Then we can see how much of the chewing/mouthing is teething related.  I hope I’ve done enough manners with him so he will be well behaved up north!  Well I’d better get myself in gear, maybe I’ll come back later to update.


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I have discovered a couple new blogs lately, either they just started or I just found them, but they got me to thinking.  These new to me blogs are dedicated to a specific topic rather than the melange that one finds here.  I didn’t really think about it when I started this blog, but I guess I modeled it after Anne’s blog which is more of a life journal than topic based as well.  I started blogging when I first moved to Florida as a way to stay connected to my family and friends and then sort of as a journal to keep my head above water.  I was never much into journaling despite some outstanding role models in that regard, but I honestly think much of it has to do with my dislike of the physical act of writing.  I hate my handwriting, always have and probably always will, and with blogging  no one has to look at my handwriting.  Honestly it does make a difference to me.

I never thought of myself as writing particularly well and I have to admit I do get a little intimidated if I think about other people possibly reading this, especially ones who write really well (Jacinta, Lisa – either of your blogs, Roland, Anne, the list goes on), but the primary purpose of this blog is for me so I try to just go with it.  I do wonder though if it is of interest to any who happen upon it though.   As I mentioned my posts vary from flyball to AnneArchy and everywhere in between.  Do people prefer their blogs to be topic specific?  Or does the journal type have a place as well.   What’s in your blogroll?



I need to find a way to become more in tune with what sells in the Blythe dress arena.  Etsy has a feature where people can mark items as favorites, and as a shop owner I can look at how many people like any given item.  Right now, of the dresses I’ve made, the dress I probably like the least has the most favorites.

Hansa Dress for Blythe
Hansa Dress

Anne, commented on Flickr that she liked this one too, so maybe I should pick her brain about what it is about this dress that she likes.