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So I’ve been a bit housebound this past week. I’m taking an antihistamine that makes me unsafe to operate heavy machinery, including my car. Roland has been very helpful and understanding, driving me wherever I need to be. But I’ve been trying to minimize how much he has to do.

So, while under house arrest I’ve been trying to catch up on some projects. A lot of that was foiled when my sewing machine decided that it was time to take it in for a tune up (the top thread is somehow getting caught up on the underside of whatever I’m sewing). This puts a world of hurt on my list of things to do, since a lot of it was sewing.

Last night I got out my stuff that I got to put together a wall work area for flyball training. Its mostly together now, I ran out of contact cement and will have to get some more before I’m totally finished. Now the problem is where to put it. In the house is problematical because we have pronounced baseboards. The only place we don’t have baseboards is our mirrored wall. It doesn’t seem like a bright idea to have Wixer bouncing off that no matter how much padding there is. So today we tried out the garage. The space worked just fine, but I’m not going to be able to handle the heat out there. I know part of it is the drugs making me tired, but after only a few minutes per dog I am wiped out. Now I’m not sure what I’m going to do.

I also made a PVC wicket for measuring how tall my dogs are. Well, the precision leaves a lot to be desired, but mostly its to practice with them so they are used to doing it when they need to get measured at a tournament.

Next on the list? PVC weave-o-matic….right after my nap.



Just got back from the fabric store. It wasn’t an awesome experience. Part of that is the fact that Joann seems different lately. I keep running into stuff that looks likes its clearly marked as on sale, but then it isn’t, and they seem to be consistently stingier when cutting fabric and they no long offer to give you the end of the bolt for a discount. I feel like its just a much less friendly place.

The other part is some massive doubt on my part. I picked out some fabric that I think is great for a project that I think has the potential to be pretty cool. And then just as I’m finishing up and getting ready to head to the cutting counter…I suddenly feel convinced the whole idea and everything I’ve picked out is total bunk.