Freaking out

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Last night I wrote a post which was subsequently lost to the intarweb gremlins. It was about the flyball tournament this weekend and Wixer’s warmup spot therein. I’m feeling a bit…I guess self conscious about his first public performance (even though it isn’t even really racing). Even though its silly, I feel like people will be watching and judging.

Tonight, another equally stupid worry. In the past some friends commented on how really fast he’s going to be, but I’m not seeing it. What if I am not helping him get to his full potential? What if I already botched it? I guess I’ve put a lot of myself into this and my rather sizable lack of self confidence is showing. I hope I can just not worry about all this and have fun with him.

You’re golden

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I wish people were more thoughtful, or mindful, or sensitive, or something.

1.  When a friend asks you to look at something and give your opinion, please consider starting with something positive, especially when you know they worked hard on it.  If you need to limit how much you tell them is wrong, its okay to save some for later.
2.  Give compliments, freely.
3.  Use your turn signal well before you turn or change lanes.

I’m sure there’s more, but it late.