Kinesthetically Challenged

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We went to agility tonight and it wasn’t great.  Don’t get me wrong Wixer rocked the house, but I’m kinda terrible.  I’m just not very good at someone telling how to move and then actually doing it.  I kind of felt bad for Wixer ’cause I felt like with someone else he could of done/could be doing so much better.  Time to practice in the back yard!

Fortune Smiles

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Today was a busy busy day!  We went down to Miami to work a little flyball indoors which went reasonable well (still have a lot of work to do).  I think next time we are just going to work up close…a lot.  We’ve switched to an unpressurized tennis ball which seems to be going really well for the bringing it back.  I wonder if its ’cause he can cronch it so its easier to run with?  Not sure…

Later in the afternoon we went over to Marni’s house for a play date.  It was awesome.  Wixer got to play frisbee with at least 3 different people so he was in hog heaven.  Marni is a professional photographer and she is always taking amazing pictures of my dogs.  How lucky!

Rainy Frisbee

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The frisbee part of yesterday went very well!  The lure coursing didn’t go at all.  Boo.  I was very much looking forward to that, but at least we got to play a little disc!  Frisbee is nice because its pretty relaxed and there is a lot of hanging around talking to friends.  Your turn only lasts 60 seconds and due to the rain only the top 10 from each division got to go again.  Good thing we were in the top 10 in Novice!  What fun.  Wixer on the other hand thought two 60 second runs was clearly just a start, he would have liked many many more.  We ended up taking 4th place in Novice which was a very nice surprise.  I hope Performance Pups puts on anther one soon and we actually get to do the lure coursing part.



Today was not the best day as a lot of little things decided to go wrong all day.  Ah well, c’est la vie.  I’m hoping tomorrow will go better.  Wixer and I have a big day planned, with a Disc Dog competition in the morning and lure coursing in the afternoon.  I’m honestly not terribly good at throwing the frisbee (although I’m a million times better than I used to be), so we probably won’t do very well in the competition.  But it will be fun for Wixer and good practice for when I am better at throwing.  But its the lure cousring I’m super stoked about!  Its an oval track of a descent size so hopefully Wixer will really be able to open up.

I’m a little concerned about his feet and legs though.  We’ve been doing some frisbee in the yard and his pads are getting a little worse for wear and his back legs are getting a bit scraped.  So from now on we will be wrapping his legs for frisbee playing.  I tried it today and he didn’t seem to mind so hopefully it will help at least the back leg issue.  I think the only thing that will help the pads is to fix our lawn.  While this would be delightful for both that and garden additions I’m not sure its going to happen any time soon, since the husband and I both need newer cars soon. 


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Practice went well tonight I think. It was a little tough because we are down to very few people, but we made it work (mostly because the Husband was the bestest ever and came out and helped with everything). Using unpressurized balls, we got a lot better with Wixer bringing the ball all the way back. I think they might have enough less value to him than the regular balls.

We did have an interesting little set back when we set the jumps higher. Wixer measures at 16″ which means he would set the jumps at 11″ in NAFA (I think he will set the jumps at 9″ in U-Fli, but that’s just a guess). So tonight we showed him up to 10″ jumps. The first session of the evening he did great! Then his second session when he was a little more tired he decided that it would be easier to go around. Well duh! I’m sure he just doesn’t fully get that the jumps are an important part of the pattern yet. So we went back and worked on that for a while with good results. Although I’m not sure he will remember for next time, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens then. With Bleys it was totally different because he didn’t catch for sooooo long, the ball was always bouncing off his head. So he learned the jumps really well! I would really rather he didn’t have to jump 11″. I noticed that when the jumps were set high we was noticeably less drivey. I didn’t really like that at all, but I guess that’s to be expected.

I did not concentrate on the boxturn very much tonight at all. It was okay, but not stellar. I assume that this will be an ongoing work in progress though so I chose to work on getting the whole big picture together tonight. I hope that was a good choice!


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In light of my proximity to freaking out, I’ve tried to get ahead of the game today.  I think I have nearly all my packing done and there is gas in the car (important when taveling across Alligator Alley).  I made two brand new tugs for Chupy to destroy over the weekend.  If he goes through more than that I’ll just have to punt.  I also made a new style of crate pad today.  The upside is that I think its really cool (well warm).  The downside is cost of materials might be prohibitive.  Seems to be a trend with my ideas.  Ah well.

The Husband is staying home to grade his two metric tons of memos, which I am hopefully facilitating by vanishing with the fuzzy distractions.  Grading time is never much fun for anyone.