Email from a Southwest Florida Dock Diving person

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I’m sorry about the results not being posted.

I was unable to use the Splash Dogs program allowing results to be posted so it was done manually at the event.

The computer used had a virus requiring a new hard drive.

The paperwork of the results was either misplaced or accidentally thrown away. I actually asked today if there was any place an envelope of the results could have ended up with records….

Honestly when the event was put together it was my personal understanding that it was part of the grand opening.

I tried to retrieve the files from the hard drive before replacing it. With no luck along with all the other data on the computer.

I truly apologize….because the results were passed around so much towards the end everyone assumed it was one place and no one can remember what happened to them. No one knew that the computer wasn’t going to be able to just reproduce them until later.

If they are located trust me I will email you personally an excel file of all the results.

I don’t work for the clinic or Splash Dogs. I’m a club member that helps at the events and because I do know about computers I help with registration.

If there is any news I will let you know.

Be safe,



I’m about to leave to go up to Boca to talk to some people about teaching a flyball class.  I’m quite nervous about it.  I’m not sure I’d be this nervous actually teaching the class, but going to work out details and a whole lot of unknowns are getting to me.  We’ll just have to see how it goes, but I think I’ll be glad when this meeting is over.