Post Graduate Puppies

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The family packed in the car today and went to a UKC Rally Obedience event this evening.  It was actually two trials back to back and I signed both pups up for both in RO1.  Dave surprised me and came along, what a great husband..FYI rally trials? Not super exciting or enthralling for the non dog handler.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.  I mean my dogs are fairly awesome and Bleys is 9 now, why am I just now starting RO1? It has to do with discrimination of a sort.  The AKC doesn’t allow deaf dogs to compete, and where we lived in Florida was a long way from any UKC or APDT and I didn’t feel right competing with just Wixer.  Probably silly, but there it is.  So now that we are in Indiana I discovered some UKC trials not far from where we live.  I went to one last month at the place I’m taking classes with the dogs for our first leg.  And this one was in a different direction, but still only about an hours drive.

At the first trial (last month) Bleys took 1st with a score of 98 and Wixer 2nd with a 96.  Today at the first trial Bleys again took 1st with a 95, and Wixer 2nd a 94.
RO1 Leg 2

Then at the second trial this evening Bleys took 1st with a 99 and Wixer 2nd with a 98. Poor little black dog is really gonna have to step it up if he wants to beat his big bro.
RO1 Titles!
Love the pink new title ribbons!

As an extra surprise Dave even took video of Bleys’ title run…warning, totally adorable tail wagging throughout the whole run!

Pork Chumps

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Anne asked the other day about my favorite way to prepare pork chops.  I have a tendency to dry them out when cooking so I go the marinade route.  I just happen to be making these for dinner tonight so when I was putting them in to soak I took a few pictures.

Usually the chops come in larger amounts than we eat for one dinner so I got out two zip top bags, one for the marinading dinner ones and another to put the left over two in for dinner another night.  You can trim the fat off now, or when you are ready to cook them, or not at all if that’s your bag.  I opted for after marination because I’m feeling lazy right now.

Marinading pork chops

If you wanted you could do this when you come home from the store and then freeze the baggies you aren’t using.  Super easy to thaw and dump marinade in on another day.

Marinading pork chops

I sealed up one baggie and put in in the refrigerator.  In the other I sloshed in some marinade.  How much?  Maybe a quarter of the bottle.  I wasn’t at all precise (cue  my husband to faint) and just put in enough that I thought they would be well covered when I squished out all the air.

Marinading pork chops

The I put these back in the fridge and set a timer for two hours.  When that dings I’ll flip the bag over to ensure good coverage on both sides (not a necessary step).  Two more hours and it’ll be time to cook them up.  I’m also thinking I’ll make some creamy dill zucchini to go along with them.



**Update:  This marinade is awesome.  Dave poured all of it in the pan when he started the chops, then after they were done he took them out and turned up the heat to reduce what was left into a quick glaze.  Delish!

Sparkles of a different nature

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I made up some different collars.  They are 1.5″ wide rather than the usual 1″ which makes them a little more expensive, but I think they turned out nicely.

Misc Dazzle

Dazzle Flames

You can never have enough

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I got a wonderful care package in the mail today!  Its from my sister and it contains…seeds!  I’m not exactly sure where they are going to go just yet, I need to take up some turf and that is a LOT of work, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


Baby Sage

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Apparently I’m into macro photography right now.  Some of the might have to do with the fact that all my plants in the garden are itty bitty baby plants right now though.  Today I took some shots of my sage seedlings.  I love the texture of sage, its wrinkly, fuzzy leaves just beg to be touched… and then your hands smell delicious!



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I started moving some of my seedlings out into their containers. I moved some cucumbers and a few of my tomatoes.  Here is a picture of a Super Sweet 100 in a pot which is at this point giant, but hopefully will be appropriate someday soon.  I’m not holding my breath because of last years blight.  To try to avoid it this year I mulched heavily, plan to water deeper, but less often, and bought some organic fugal spray.  All it needs now is a cage, the husband suggested I title the picture ‘Optimism’ and I’m trying to keep mine.  Just say no to blight!



I also got this picture of some of my Fernleaf Dill seedlings.  I love how delicate and sort of frilly they are.
Fernleaf Dill

Peas please


Its vegetable growing season here in South Florida and I recently started a few things in seed trays, some direct sown into my raised bed, and then put in some peas.  I love growing peas you can eat right off the vine.  Once they start producing I tend to eat them for breakfast during my morning garden errands.  Last year I’m not sure anyone else got to eat any.  One thing I love about peas is the little twisty bit they put out to anchor themselves to anything nearby.

Peas 1

This is one of my pea seedlings which are just starting to send out their tendrils to grow up the string trellis.

No loops

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We used to have the perfect area rug for our living room, the color was perfect, the size was perfect, everything was great…except that it the fibers were looped on the top.  Bleys does this thing where he rubs his head on carpet, in what looks like an attempt to itch his face.  The downside of this behavior is that if the carpet has loops they get caught in his collar and then he pulls them out.  This is what happened to our perfect area rug.  Oh well.

So we’ve been tile only in the living room for quite some time.  Then yesterday we got a new one which isn’t exactly the right shape, but is a great design, a great color, and best of all all the fibers are cut,  not looped.  Here’s hoping it lasts!

New carpet for living room

Here are Bleys and Wixer enjoying the new area rug in a totally natural, not staged at all, fashion.

Second thoughts


Wixer has large teeth, he also uses them quite hard, flyball, frisbee, dock diving, it all takes it toll.  So at the age of two his canine aren’t looking so hot.


If he was eight and they looked like this I wouldn’t be concerned, but he’s only two.  So I went to see a canine dentist and decided to get his canines capped.  Its like a crown for people, but made of either stainless steel or titanium due to the uses the dogs put their teeth to.  I have the appointment set up for next month, but now I’m having major wishy washy moments.  I really don’t know what is best for him and his long term health and happiness.  I have friends who say their dogs had similar wear at a young age and it hasn’t affected them as they get older (other than their teeth are much shorter than they would otherwise be).  I’m not super thrilled with the idea of a dog with silver teeth either.  But I really don’t want to run into root canals later because he’s worn them down into the pulp.  If that happens he gets a crown anyway in addition to the root canal.

I’m very unsure what to do.

An attempt

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I’ve been having a hard time keeping track of things lately and its getting a bit out of hand. So I found a whiteboard calendar and accessories and after about three attempts finally got in on the wall.


Dave and I have started filling in the next month or so. Here’s hoping that this well help get things in line. The next thing I need to do is find some magnetic sheet metal to make my bulletin board in crafty town.