Sparkles of a different nature

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I made up some different collars.  They are 1.5″ wide rather than the usual 1″ which makes them a little more expensive, but I think they turned out nicely.

Misc Dazzle

Dazzle Flames

You can never have enough

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I got a wonderful care package in the mail today!  Its from my sister and it contains…seeds!  I’m not exactly sure where they are going to go just yet, I need to take up some turf and that is a LOT of work, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


Baby Sage

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Apparently I’m into macro photography right now.  Some of the might have to do with the fact that all my plants in the garden are itty bitty baby plants right now though.  Today I took some shots of my sage seedlings.  I love the texture of sage, its wrinkly, fuzzy leaves just beg to be touched… and then your hands smell delicious!



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I started moving some of my seedlings out into their containers. I moved some cucumbers and a few of my tomatoes.  Here is a picture of a Super Sweet 100 in a pot which is at this point giant, but hopefully will be appropriate someday soon.  I’m not holding my breath because of last years blight.  To try to avoid it this year I mulched heavily, plan to water deeper, but less often, and bought some organic fugal spray.  All it needs now is a cage, the husband suggested I title the picture ‘Optimism’ and I’m trying to keep mine.  Just say no to blight!



I also got this picture of some of my Fernleaf Dill seedlings.  I love how delicate and sort of frilly they are.
Fernleaf Dill

Peas please


Its vegetable growing season here in South Florida and I recently started a few things in seed trays, some direct sown into my raised bed, and then put in some peas.  I love growing peas you can eat right off the vine.  Once they start producing I tend to eat them for breakfast during my morning garden errands.  Last year I’m not sure anyone else got to eat any.  One thing I love about peas is the little twisty bit they put out to anchor themselves to anything nearby.

Peas 1

This is one of my pea seedlings which are just starting to send out their tendrils to grow up the string trellis.