The family packed in the car today and went to a UKC Rally Obedience event this evening.  It was actually two trials back to back and I signed both pups up for both in RO1.  Dave surprised me and came along, what a great husband..FYI rally trials? Not super exciting or enthralling for the non dog handler.

But I’m getting a little ahead of myself.  I mean my dogs are fairly awesome and Bleys is 9 now, why am I just now starting RO1? It has to do with discrimination of a sort.  The AKC doesn’t allow deaf dogs to compete, and where we lived in Florida was a long way from any UKC or APDT and I didn’t feel right competing with just Wixer.  Probably silly, but there it is.  So now that we are in Indiana I discovered some UKC trials not far from where we live.  I went to one last month at the place I’m taking classes with the dogs for our first leg.  And this one was in a different direction, but still only about an hours drive.

At the first trial (last month) Bleys took 1st with a score of 98 and Wixer 2nd with a 96.  Today at the first trial Bleys again took 1st with a 95, and Wixer 2nd a 94.
RO1 Leg 2

Then at the second trial this evening Bleys took 1st with a 99 and Wixer 2nd with a 98. Poor little black dog is really gonna have to step it up if he wants to beat his big bro.
RO1 Titles!
Love the pink new title ribbons!

As an extra surprise Dave even took video of Bleys’ title run…warning, totally adorable tail wagging throughout the whole run!