Peter Walsh Day 11

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Back to the linen closet today, sheets this time.  Again I don’t have a whole lot of these so it wasn’t too bad.  I’ve decided to keep the spare sheets for the guest room IN the guest room.  So in here we have our master bedroom spare sheets and one set for the air mattress.  Still not sure where to store the comforter for the air mattress yet though.  And maybe wherever that is the sheets should go with it?

Peter Walsh day 11

Peter Walsh Day 10

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Today’s challenge wasn’t super challenging.  Yay! I was supposed to go through my bakeware and get rid of any old warped or crappy muffin tins, cookie sheets or whatnot. I don’t really have many of these items despite my love of baking, so not too much to do here.  I would love to replace my cookie sheets and get another high quality jelly rolly pan (the cheap ones warp when you put them in the oven and take them out) but that will have to wait.

Peter Walsh Day 12
Peter Walsh Day 10

What do you do


No drunken sailors here, but I do have a bit of a quandary.  I want to put some more substantial drapes in the bedrooms, but under all of the windows are these heat vents.  I don’t relish the idea of curtains that are 4″ too short, but I don’t want to lose all that heat into the fabric either.



Peter Walsh Day 9 or third time’s a charm?

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So I ended up not really liking my second mail sorting operation either so I went back and got something else…again.  The large square tray is now going to be for my receipts, at least for the time being. Now I have a two layer vertical sorter thingy with magazine and catalogs in the back and bills in the front. I had to do a little surgery to it to take out a divider in the mail slot. I think it was for pens but I needed the extra length for the bills to fit. Its not beautiful but I haven’t found anything out there that is what I want. I think I’ll try to cover the inside with scrapbook paper or something to beautify it.

Third times a charm?

The bin in front has things that need to be dealt with in the next week or so that aren’t bills.  Peter Walsh suggests sitting down and paying attention to that stuff weekly and the bills on the 15th and 30th.  I think I will change those dates a bit, but give the system a try.


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The Old Man


’nuff said.

Peter Walsh Day 8 – Mailstrom


This challenge was challenging for me, hence the long delay.  Its paperwork part 1 and the idea was find a box or bin to sort your incoming mail into.  Of course in my quest to make the simplest things difficult, my problem wasn’t with the sorting your mail right away or whatnot. Rather I had trouble with the container itself.  The first container I got wasn’t big enough for the magazine and catalogs to sit in and too big for the bills, they just got lost in it.  So this time, I got a larger bottom box for magazines and catalogs and a smaller bill bin that fits inside for the bills.

Peter Walsh Day 8
What do you do to control the mail situation at your place.  I also need to work out something for receipts pronto.

Need to Know

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Upfront I’m going to say I did actually sort of go through one box of CraftTown stuff before throwing it in and doing another project for a friend.  Promise!

Next up Terri who participates in the Wags and Tales program with both of her dogs Lola the Rottweiler-Who-Just-Wants-A-Belly-Rub and Buddy and WonderBeagle.  This is a program where people bring their (specially trained and certified) dogs into the library and kids can come visit with them for a while and read to them.  Programs like this are pretty sweet and have shown some impressive results across the country.  I’ve made a mat or two for them to take and use at the library and other places, but then Terri found this awesome fabric of animals reading some pretty hilarious books.  The kids are going to love it.

Reading Mat

The black string is so that you can roll it up and tie it for easy transport. The animals are reading species appropriate books like the lion reading “How to Rock Big Hair” and the rabbit tackling “How to Manage a Large Family. But my personal fav is:
Reading mat



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I love it when Wixer lays like this on my lap.


But sometimes I can’t resist a little fun…
Visiting silliness upon the puppy

Sniff Sniff


During Wixer’s convalescence we’ve started a new dog training class, K9 Nosework.  Its sort of like drug sniffing dogs but using scents like birch (smells like root beer) instead.  The idea is to be able to walk into a room and have your dog find a small sample of the scent and show you where it is such that you can point it out within 2″ or so.

This isn’t a discrete 6 week class, rather more of a rolling enrollment as the class doesn’t necessarily meet every week.  The lady who teaches it also teaches at a couple other locations and is active in her own dog activities, so she is sometimes elsewhere.  So one week I might go on Friday, and another on Saturday or Sunday, and sometimes not at all.  I went to my second class today and then picked up some containers to play with so I can work some at home.  I dug out one of my larger hole saws and some sandpaper and we’re almost ready to rock.
Next step in nosework
The teacher was kind enough to give us each a few cotton swabs with birch on them (I added a kit of this stuff to my wishlist).  So now I just need to find a small container to put one in to protect them from marauding dog noses as we work.  Then I get to work on Wixer keeping his nose on target long enough for me to figure out when he’s alerting.  What?  I need him to stand still?!?  I think I’m going to try to teach him to keep him nose ON the target until I release him.  Bleys on the other hand is part cat so he just wants to use his paws all up in everything.  So with him I need to work on not doing that and then work on duration.



Apparently I’m just going to do lots of projects instead of organizing CraftyTown.  It may never get done, I’m not sure.  Today I made another long awaited item for a friend.  This time Marni asked for a padded camera pouch for her DSLR.  I made up the pattern for this and I hope its the right size and will work for what she wants.

Padded camera pouch

The bottom is gusseted and it closes at the top with velcro.

Padded camera pouch