When it rains…

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I’m riding in the car to a flyball tournament and my mind is not quiet.  I can’t even seem to worry about things one at a time, they just overlap and swarm and I don’t think through anything. 

Bleys has been having what look like eensy little seizures and we went to the vet yesterday about them.  We have an appointment with a neurologist next week, but the most common cause of his symptoms are brain lesions.  Prognosis = not good, treatment options very limited.  I haven’t processed and part of me refuses to believe it.  He’s been through so many heath scares that nearly killed him or made his life harder, couldn’t we just skip this one?

I’m also running with a new team this weekend, and camping for the first time, and hoping that Wixer is recovered enough and I’m not rushing things, and I miss my flyball peeps…

Also my sister Anne and her husband moved in with us this week. They are in the process of selling their house and it seems pretty logical for them to stay with us since our house is so large. Having just done it I know it sucks to have your stuff all in boxes and staying in a place that isn’t yours. So I want to make it as painless as possible for them but I don’t know how. I’m having to just wing it and wait until they ask/tell me what is best…and I’m kind of terrible at it!

But mostly I just want my Fluffy Badger to be okay.


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You know what today needs?  MOAR pictures!  We’ve got quite a range all up in here, we’ve got proof that I’m totally the problem in Wixer’s relationships with other dogs.


This was on Dave’s lap while he was working in the library.  They just hopped up there and snuggled in no issues.  No snarking, nothing.  Just Coraline totally using Wixer as a pillow.  *Sigh*

Then we’ve got Wixer channeling his inner whippet.


He does this regularly, but in this case I think it was to try to avoid looking at the Coralump.


She’s under the blanket there, but if he can’t see her, she isn’t there, right?
She had a really good time with our dinner training session of retrieving a ball for a click after which she spent at least a half hour whining and standing on her hind legs to get at the ball and clicker. Then she tried her hand at mind control.

Laser puppy

Laser puppy says resistance is futile.

I also got to spend time with some doggie people and their dogs, including a gorgeous Terv named Purkinje. His mom, Lyndsay also happens to be an awesome dog chiropractor! Total win. He was having this awesome play session with her where he was all flailed out upside down and pretending to be adorably viscous.


But then he saw I was watching and was all: “Who me?”

Who me?

No one is going to take you seriously now silly dog!

I also did some backyard flyball, which was interesting.  On one run in Wixer didn’t judge well and got my arm instead of the tug.  Yowza!  He really didn’t do much damage, thank goodness for bite inhibition, but boy howdy did it sting!  All of the teeth marks have already faded except the canines, but I’m pretty sure there is some bruising under there.  Here is the video from today’s session (the run in question occurs at about 0:57).  You can see me switch hands and tug with my right hand as I recover.

And last, but possibly most important is Coraline’s very first flyball video! Are you prepared for this? I don’t think you are…THE CUTE!

I’m very impressed with her increased endurance, as when we started I could maybe get three tug sessions in before she pooped out on the tug because she needed her mouth for more important things…like breathing. And that didn’t include any running, it was just going over a jump with me standing next to it.  Granted its gotten a ton cooler here as well, so its not all due to running around like a fool with Wixer, but I’m pleased with it!

There were two runs where she went around the jumps, but I decided to edit them out because they don’t help me at all. She’s totally new to this so some being wrong is great, so she can get not rewarded and learn that leads to nothin’. What I’m interested in is her striding. If I had to guess I’d say she’s going to be a double strider just because she’s so small with not a whole lot of reach, but why limit ourselves from the beginning? So I’d like to see what happens as we go along. I’m not in love with her striding between the box and first puppy jump so I might see if I can start working striders in right away. Any of you flyball people have suggestions?


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Much of today was in outside day even though it was a little chilly.  We’re still learning quite a bit as we go with the pool and I did a bit of this and that with brushing and vacuuming.  I really want it to get close to done so we can put the solar cover on it and getting it heating up.  I think next year will be much easier as Dave and I already know what we would do differently now that we know the system a bit better.  I also think that I should have caged my peonies.  There are quite a few and given the high winds we get I’m pretty sure its going to be an issue.

Day in the life

The dogs got some time to romp in the back yard as well and I sat down with my camera to see what I could get.  As always more pics on flickr!

Coraline is quite a happy pup and wants to investigate what you’re up to!
Day in the life

But I’m pretty sure she loves Wixer more. If she was my dog I’d have to be very careful about how much they got to play together vs. how much time each got with me alone. I think she could easily bond more with him than me. Prolly already happening.

Day in the life

I seriously cannot pick which of these running pics I like more so here are a bunch of them!
Engage hover mode!
Day in the life

Day in the life

Really digging in.
Day in the life

I did have to ask Wixer to stay in the x-pen while I tried to get pics of Coraline running. Pretty sure this is all the proof you need that he’s staying in there because he’s such a good dog, not because he can’t get out.  He doesn’t even take a step, he does this from a stand.

Day in the life

And Bleys just says “You make me tired.”
Day in the life


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First off, Coraline is doing great, learning a ton, and generally being super cute.  But she is not, I repeat NOT amused by my you-asked-to-go-out-so-we-will-stay-out-here-until-you-pee policy.  Today is quite crummy on the weather front.  Cold and rainy and very windy so I don’t actually blame her, but its a sound policy that if you asked to go out you probably need to go, so out we stayed until she produced at least a token pee.  Its weird to use coming back inside as the motivator for going to the bathroom, but there ya go.

She is also a little confused by the Grumpy Old Man.  She tries her patented upside down wiggle play invitation…


aaaaaaaand nothing happens.



Maybe she’ll have better luck with Wixer?

Hangin' with the Dogs

But it turns into watch Wixer chew the bone time.  But Wixer has to take a break sometime, right?

Hangin' with the Dogs

Awwww…Coraline thought it was her turn next.

Hangin' with the Dogs

She finally had some success with her mission to play and she and WixMaster played the laziest game of bitey face ever.  But it makes me VERY happy because its happening while I’m sitting on the couch with them and its bitey-face and not jerkface Wixer.

Hangin' with the Dogs

I think this is proof that in order for Wixer to be a better dog I need to get more puppies!



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Last night I made a list of all the stuff I was going to get done this morning.  I was pretty proud of myself…aaaaaand then pretty much everything conspired against me (batteries not charged in the circular saw and so on).  But to make up for it the dogs were being super adorbs!

This is Coraline’s patented upside down full body wiggle invitation to play.


You can see she’s a little pink on the under carriage there. She’s been struggling with a bit of allergies since she’s been here. I’m not sure to what, but its mostly just a skin reaction being pink and itchy. She is a bit leaky from the eyes, but not overly so. I did give her a little Benedryl the other day when she was itching her head so hard she yelped. On a good note I’ve been working with her and the dremmel and this morning during breakfast I got through all of her nails, minus the dew claws. Hopefully that will help so when she scratches herself they aren’t too long and pointy.

After the wiggling invitation to play comes a full on bitey-face (or maybe bitey-body describes it better, Wixes likes to gnaw on front legs as well) session.

Om Nom

Bleys practices his haughty look of disdain from the chair where Dave is working.

Practing his hauty look of disdain

I suppose I should have ushered the dogs out and let Dave work, but they were being so good! I mean look at this.  Look at it!!!


Coraline is also discovering the joys of the bagiant bone since hers are too small and are a safety issue with Wixer’s style of chewing.

I gots the bone

I’d say she’s doing a pretty good job of it!


Not sure I’m going to like it when Coraline has to go back with her own family.

Double Decker

Cora the Explora goes swimming

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Well more like wading, but it’s all good!  Today we took Coraline to the rehab pool.  It seemed like a great place to introduce her to one since it has the walk in ramps instead of steps.  I put her in Bleys’ Float Coat since I don’t actually know if she knows how to swim!  She enjoyed herself, but mostly on the side of the pool and a little on the shallow entrance, although she did slip down a little further than she intended a couple times. We’re taking all things very slowly so as not to add any stress to any of it so I was happy she was willing to get her feet wet.

Cora the Explora goes swimming

Cora the Explora goes swimming

Wixer on the other hand doesn’t condone the slow approach and just wants you to throw the disc now please.

Cora the Explora goes swimming

Other things we are learning about are standing still while I dremmel nails and all about treadmills.  In fact she ate her dinner on the treadmill tonight and it was moving!  It was .5 mph, but it was moving and she was walking on it happily.  This was all of our second session with it so I’m pretty happy with her progess.

She and Wixer are very much alike and I think one of his* taglines fits her well…. “I’m participating!”

Whatcha doooooooin'?

We also continue to work on getting the pool in order.  Its at least sort of the right color now, although still quite cloudy.  Its kind of an experiment, for me especially, never having had a pool before.  Dave is taking the lead on it and has been working out the best way to make it do what we want.


Some dogs simply don’t understand why they aren’t allowed in!

Outside looking in

Unfortunately about the same day we opened the pool the helicopters started falling. Well played maple trees, well played.

Holy helicopters

There’s lots growing in the gardens, but the columbine is stealing the blooming show at the moment.  So pretty!


I need to get a yard of dirt stat!  I need some nice black dirt to fill up my raised bed.   I feel like I’m going to miss any opportunity to grow veggies this year and I really want to!  I could also use some more mulch so I might see how much it is for a yard of each.  Here’s where putting in the fence comes back to bite us because now there’s no way for them to dump it where I want it.  Maybe I can try out the yard cart that goes with the riding mower to move most of it.

*Thanks to Rich Burlew and The Order of the Stick.


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We opened the pool today!  Before you get too excited here it is right after we took the cover off.

Anyone for a swim?

Yeah, I’m not jumping in just yet either.  We started to shock it today.

Adding chlorine

Hopefully in a few days it will be clear and ready for the next steps.  It was another gorgeous day and it really made me wish we had some patio furniture.  I’m now downstairs with Coraline and Bleys and Wixer is still outside with Dave hoping against hope that someone will spray him in the face with a hose.  Its kind of weird because he’s never far from me…like ever.  Guess possible face full of water trumps hanging out with me.

I’ve also got a couple more plants I am looking for an identification on if anyone knows what they are.

What am I?

What am I?

What am I?

Also its apparently much easier to take a nap when the super fun black dog isn’t in the room.

Much Easier


Ups and Downs

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I got my flyball fix today!  It feels like its been forever since I was at a practice and it hasn’t been so clearly I have a problem.  It was fun and productive and WAY cooler than I’m used to.  It only got a bit warm when the sun came out and even then it didn’t even touch Florida in March.  I thought Wixer did really really well, but the videoI watched on the way home shows it wasn’t as good as all that.  I still have some adjusting to do and I think some of his struggles are because I have been adjusting things.  Hopefully I will have that video a bit later, but I’m kinda tired and headed to bed soon.  As per usual Bleys was king of the practice.


He’s a just and kind ruler so it all works out.  Coraline also got to attend, but it was pretty overwhelmingly distracting so her working time was pretty short.  Given that she’s never been to a practice before I thought she did pretty well.  I did get a tug or two in there so I’m calling it a win.  I’m not sure how she usually travels in the car, but she seemed to like our arrangement wherein she gets to look out a window.

Traveling in Style

When we stopped for gas she gave the next car over some serious whatfor for getting out of their vehicle. Consider yourselves told.

While I was grabbing some video of Bleys this evening for something else I also caught this one of the head bobbling I’m talking about but can’t seem to describe. The best I’ve come up with is it seems Parkinson’s-ish. If anyone has clues as to what is going on here I’d love to hear from you.

Tiny Merfs

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Coraline is settling in well although I’m know Anne and Karl are missing her greatly.  Today she worked a little bit on some agility and some flyball (she’s a proper flyball trainee now having completed her first restrained recall!) and started learning how to ring the bell to tell us she needs to go out.  Although a lot of the work is very simple its more about her and I working together than making great strides in learning lots of tricks or all the foundations stuff super fast.  We’ve been using her meals for training some things and a tug for others.  The meal training is an admittedly nice part about feeding kibble, but having had to pick up her waste for the last few days I would not trade my dog’s raw poo for anything!  As Lisa said today: I’m Team Rabbit Poop!

Unlike either of my dogs she loves being under blankets.  She sleeps completely inside this snuggle sack I made a long time ago for Brodie or Logan I can’t remember which.  Isn’t it simply adorable?  She makes the cutest little merfs when shes getting comfy too.

Tucked in her sleep sack

Wixer has had a bit of trouble adjusting to having another dog around (especially one so active, as Bleys isn’t so much).  While there have been a few glitches elsewhere the biggest issue has been snuggling on the couch with me.  My lap is apparently a bit of a resource there.  There’s been plenty of bitey-face and Coraline is a master at getting him to play which is great.  She does need work on an off switch and understanding when Wixer has had enough, but progress is being made on all fronts.  Today I actually got to have a little tiny snuggle session with both dogs simultaneously.  Here is Coraline under a blanket all curled up in my lap while Wixer is to my left on top of the blanket.

The tiniest merf

I made the choice to end it by giving a hearty round of treats for all good dogs, but Dave snapped this pic before it ended.


Wixer looks thrilled, eh?  Well its something anyhow.  He proved to be a superstar in the mock nosework trial we signed up for so I suppose we can’t all be good at everything all the time.  We’ll keep working at it and hopefully it will be easier for him as time goes on.  At the trial there were 4 hides, container, interior, exterior, and vehicle.  He rocked all of them (not biased at all am I?).  His fastest was the interior search in a sheep barn!  A Sheep Barn!!!!  What a good dog!  His hardest was actually the boxes because they move, when he can toss them around a little his body language is different and I have a harder time reading him.  It was great to find out what we are doing well and what we aren’t.  Hopefully we’ll find an ORT soon so we can give a real trial a try.

Sad Focus

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Today was not the best day in our household.  Dave was involved in a car accident.  He’s fine (or so he says every five minutes when I ask him again), but the car is not.

Not a good driving day for Dave

Just goes to show, no matter what a good driver you are you can’t control other people and their poor driving choices. It sounds like as Dave was driving down the road a young fella pulled out to turn left and didn’t see Dave coming or something. Dave saw it coming enough to slow a little and tried to get as far to the right as possible but he clipped the other guy.  Apparently there was a near miss with a telephone pole but I’ll be honest when I think about that I get all nauseous and just try not to.

We have to wait 3 days to get the sheriff’s report to give to the insurance people to find out what is going to happen.  We have to work out a plan for getting a rental car for Dave and everything as well.  Not cool bad driver, not cool.

To make it better here’s a pic of my favorite deaf Cavalier giving his toy whatfor at the rehab pool.