Sewing and swimming

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As I mentioned earlier on Facebook I spent twice as much time taking out seams today as I did putting them in.  I’m making roman shades for the bedrooms upstairs.  They currently have horizontal blinds that just don’t do much for the morning sun.  I normally like drapes, but each window has a heat vent under it that I don’t want to block.  Eventually I think I will add drapes to the windows that just don’t close because I like the look of them.

Dave was a trooper and spent a Very Long Time waiting while I picked out fabrics for each room and Julie has mad long distance shopping skills that really pulled me though.  I’m not very good at decorating so this was a tough one, picking out three rooms at once?  What was I thinking?  I sat down to make the first one today and started with the guest room that only has one window.  And after sewing and taking it apart and sewing it again I was pretty happy with it.  Then I sewed on the roman shade tape and took it up to look at it in the window…and noticed this fabric and backing somehow combine to make each needle hole visible when backlit.  Dislike!


I sat in there for a long time trying to figure out what to do and Coraline came to commiserate with me.  Thanks pretty girl.


I think the end fix is going to be some ribbon fused to the back over the stitch lines leaving holes where the cords draw though.  I hope it works!

Then we ended the day with a lovely swim at the pool with Lyndsay, Purkinje, and Majick.  I couldn’t resist taking this picture of Majick with her little tongue stuck out!


Thank you for inviting me!

Cave Club

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The Cave Bed awesomeness just keeps coming.  You should really turn on your sound for this.


I can’t even…

Cave bitey face

Cave bitey face

Cave bitey face

Round up

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What going on around Lost Acre?  Well, we’ve got baby pears on the pear tree that I’m unreasonable excited about.


Coraline has discovered the joys of a Cave Bed.


She gets the most adorable Muppet Mouf.


And yesterday decided she wanted to be like Bleys and be a parrot.


Bleys continues to do well. I’m hoping that cleaning out that inner ear gunk might have helped the head bobbles? I know I’m just picking the least scary option, but he’s my little man and I want him to be happy and healthy.


Karl has been making cookies ever week and I’ve been eating them so I decided to make a batch myself today.  He prefers a crispy cookie and I’m more of a chewy gal, but hopefully we can set aside our differences and enjoy these chocolate chunk cookies like civilized people.   Super sweet hotpads by Anne!


As I was typing this Wixer came down and took himself straight to the new cave bed.
Cave Bed FTW

Then he snugged himself back in there a little more for maximum adorables.



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We made a tiny trip up to Michigan on Saturday to visit Dave’s fam for Father’s Day and Caleb’s B-Day. It was a wonderful little BBQ around the pool!

Uncle David got quite a workout swimming with Mila.


And Mila discovered that starting a water fight with Uncle David only ends up in getting very very splashed.  He’s very good at this game.


Sandra politely asked Uncle David to fill up her water canon, thanked him and then…


Good girl Cricket!

And then there was cake.  Mmmmm cake.




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Today is just a random assortment.

Crazy car we saw downtown. We were stopped at a red light so I missed getting a picture of the best part, the crazy engine. You can sort of see the bagiant silver pipes coming out of the front.

The gardens are blooming all over the place and these peonies seem to be getting the perfect amount of light.  Not too leggy or falling over like many of the others.  So pretty!


Some of the climbing roses are doing very well and are also in bloom. Some of the other climbers don’t look nearly so healthy and its on my to do list to take some time and try to figure out how to help them.

Its not all happy happy joy joy though. The huge hydrangea out by the road had a ton of dead branches which I finally got to hacking out today. Many of the dead pieces just pulled out at the ground and seemed rotted and we found this bug living in one of them.


To add insult to injury there are also these bugs/this fungus/this smut (not at all sure what it is) on a lot of the new shoots and its clearly causing issues.


Really not sure what to do about it yet. Anyone have experience with hydrangeas or any of these issues?

I thought maybe watching a little TV will be a nice end to the day…


Hodge and Podge

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And we’re back and its been a whirlwind of a week here at Lost Acre.  The tournament went well and running with the new team seemed to go just fine (I hope they think so too).  Camping went smoothly for the most part and the dogs adapted to tent living with no trouble.


Although one dog didn’t want to stay in the tent when there was so much fun to be had outside!

Can I come out?

And another dog tried to take shameless advantage of a hurried departure to the lanes…

Who me?

Wixer didn’t look very good on the box and I am a little discouraged, but he didn’t seem lame afterwards.  We were lucky to be able to get the chiro to work him over on Monday and she found more issues with his neck than his hips.  He was pretty ouchy in the neck and did some head flips that I didn’t like.  Guess we need to add more cookies next time.

On Tuesday we took Bleys up to meet a neurologist for the head bobbles and stumbling.  Ever since the pancreatitis episode where he spent quite a while in the doggie ER he isn’t the keenest on the white coats and tried to hideout under the bench I was sitting on so maybe no one would notice him.

Hiding from the neurologist

In the end we don’t really have an definitive answer, which is quite frustrating.  What we do know is
1.  He does have a Chiari malformation of his skull without acute syringomyelia.
2.  He had some glue ear action and they went in and got out gunk from in there.  They are culturing it to make sure it really is glue ear and not infection.
3.  He’s got borderline levels for meningitis

So he’s on some steroids, some antibiotics, and some valium (which is actually supposed to treat dizziness?  Who knew).  Not sure which of those things it is, but he seems less wobbly to me.  That along with the fact that none of the things the neurologist mentioned included brain cancer is hopeful.

While we were waiting for Bleys to get all the tests we needed some lunch.  Low and behold look at what Dave found within walking distance!

Stumbled upon

The Encased Meats Emporium and Sausage Superstore.  After seeing this place on the Food Network we had to try it. And try it we did. Go big or go home:

Gourmet Dogs

From Left to Right

Venison sausage with muffaletta mustart and goat cheese
Apple, pear, and port elk sausage with apricot mustard and fig olive goat cheese
Truffle pork sausage with fig date mustard and port salut cheese
Foie gras and Sauternes Duck sausage with truffle aioli, foie gras mousse and fluer de sel

The venison and elk were a bit dry but while the mustard and goat cheese helped the elk out, the venison was just too dry for me.  I wouldn’t get either of those again.  The truffle pork sausage was delicious and the port salut really made the dish.  The clear winner (and one reason they are famous) was the foie gras.  Simply amazing.  We were a little disappointed to discover the duck fat fries are only available on Friday and Saturday, but their regular fries were good.

Walking back to the vet I snapped this picture.


The sequin backpack that caught my eye, but its the blue plaid pants and boots that make the outfit complete.

Anne and Karl seemed to have settled in, although I’m sure it isn’t fun to have to fit into all our stuff and routines.  I think it was probably helpful that we vacated for the first weekend so they could have some time here themselves without us all up in their business.  And then today was Karl’s birthday! Clearly there needed to be cake so I made a white cake with buttercream frosting.


I also swung by the place in town that makes ice cream.  Yes that’s right, not only do we have a candy factory, we also have a local ice cream.  Lets not even talk about the gourmet cupcake joint.