We returned to Lost Acre today after a week up in Michigan visiting family and enjoying the holidays.  We started with Grandpa Ray’s Christmas Chaos.  Dave has lots of cousins and now they all have kids of their own so there were 5 of the 6 cousins plus his brother and sister and then their 14 little ones running around.  And that’s not counting Dave’s aunts and uncles.  It was an awesome madhouse.

Christmas Choas

The next day was supposed to be his Grandma Bettie’s Christmas, but due to bad weather it was smaller than expected with just Dave’s immediate family at his parents house.  Marcie still made chicken and dumplings though so I’ll still call it a win.

My parents place was next, where we stayed through Christmas morning.  Anne, Karl, and Coraline were there too and it ended too soon.  Coraline and Wixer played some epic bitey-face and Bleys joined in in his own special humpy way. He’s just too cute to stay mad at very long.

Santa's most adorable helper
Round about 11 we took off for Muskegon again and it wasn’t the nicest drive.  We saw 4 vehicles on one side of the road or the other who had obviously rolled completely over at least once, and quite a few more that were ‘just’ off the road.  I was very grateful to reach our destination in one piece.  We came, we ate, we opened presents.

Warning! Warning!  Aunt down!  I repeat, Aunt down…we need some dirt cake STAT.

Anut Down!

Back when it was a kick starter I got the Goldie Blox set for Mila and we finally got to give it to her.  It was really interesting to watch her with it.  I’m not sure how much attention it will get immediately as it doesn’t have the glitter factor, but I have hopes that she will come back to it later.

Goldie Blox

We stayed on for Dave’s birthday which was made even better by Ryan and Laura coming out to dinner with us and then on to a dueling piano bar in downtown Grand Rapids.  Total win.  I met Laura in college botany class and she is one of those friends.  You know the ones, it just doesn’t matter how long its been, we just pick right back up where we left off.  It still blows my mind that she and Dave went to high school together and yet I managed to meet her completely separately.

As per usual we got a pass at Dog Star Ranch while we were up there so the dogs could blow off some steam.  I love it there.  The paths in the back are my favorite and it was crazy snowy the whole time which was very pretty and kept the mud at bay.  Double bonus.

You comin'?

Snow Wixer

I grabbed some video of the dogs doing what they do. Its pretty boring for everyone except me, I just love seeing my dogs play.