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Its been an eventful week.  Wixer decided having titanium caps on his canines wasn’t enough individuality so he snapped one of them off last Sunday afternoon.  After a quick trip to our regular vet on Monday I was lucky enough to find a dentist who could get him in on Tuesday.  They were able to save what’s left of the tooth and put some composite on it to minimize the jagged edge.


Luckily he heals pretty quickly so by the next day he was back to his normal self getting mighty peeved that he wasn’t allowed hard food, tug toys, or nylas for 5 days. Its a hard life.

Then we were invaded by the Wiles 5. It always fun when they visit, but this time might have been the best yet. They brought Settlers of Catan and we tried out the expanded version for more than 4 players and also decided that the unexpanded one is more fun with 3 people than 4. We also tried Dixit, which Dave got for Christmas. That one took a while to get in the mental space for but I enjoyed. It doesn’t need any set up and isn’t complicated (sort of an abstract Apples to Apples about art) but it does require some creativity on the players part. We also broke out HeroQuest to max out our nrrd points for the weekend. I get to control all the bad guys in that one so that’s always funsies.

We also hired a babysitter for the Wiles’ little ones on Saturday night and went out to dinner at a new to us place called Cooper’s Hawk Winery. It was amazing. We all enjoyed quite a lot of wine. Thanks to sharing and some pairings I think we counted up that we tried 10 different wines including polishing off two bottles during the course of our meal. The highlights of the meal were the cheese tasting (5 cheeses, 4 wines) and the dessert tasting (3 truffles, 3 dessert wines).

Cheese and wine tasting

If I had to pick out a standout wine I think I’d pick the Night Jar. It is a port style wine that was paired with a blue cheese. But I don’t think I tried a wine I didn’t like and anyone who wants to try it can sign me right up.

Today I taught Canine Conditioning at Canine Connect and took Wixer with me to run some flyball afters and might have actually mildly tired him out…a little. He can still be a jerkface and often is, but since we seem to have to hyperthryoid thing under control he’s much more able to relax and even laid down on his own while I was chatting.


Did I mention he could still be a jerkface? We were on the couch about a hour after we got home and he chewed on a nyla for a while and then was just chilling. It was cute, it was like he was snuggling the nyla so I reached over with the camera to take a picture. The movement interested Bleys and he started sniffing my hand and the camera, which of course was near Wixer and his bone. So what picture did I get? The cute one of him snuggling his nyla? Oh no…


Keeping it classy Wixer.

No moss

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I wasted no time in putting my Sushi Survival Kit to work.  We picked up few things not in the kit (some shrimp to tempura up, and some veg) at the store earlier today and I got to work for dinner!

Lets make sushi!
What?  Who doesn’t make sushi with a mug of Hot Scotch?

It started out well with my mise totally en place.  It was a little difficult to have everything ready to go, but not too early.  I ended up using the warm feature on our lower oven to keep the shrimp and a little lemon juice on the avocado kept it from browning nicely.

When all was said and done I made four rolls, with some shrimp tempura left over.
I made sushi

Overall I’m happy with the results but there was definitely room for improvement.  The rice came out a little too mushy making it very hard to get it thin enough to make the rolls small enough for convenient eating.  The shrimp didn’t come out very well either and lacked in flavor.  Luckily the spicy mayo saved the Mexican roll and the fresh scallion really gave some zip to the birthday roll.

Thanks again Julie!  Hopefully I’ll get better with practice.

Sushi Ya!

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I got the best prezzie in the mail today.  It is amazing and perfect and Julie is the best evar!

While I was visiting south Florida I had sushi pretty much every single day.  I might have missed one day, but it wasn’t for lack of trying.  I’ve tried some sushi up here and it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either.  Mostly tasted like eating a ball of rice.  So I decided to try to figure out how to make some.  It doesn’t take oodles of specialty items, but a few.  I talked with Julie, who I knew had made sushi at home in the past, and I started to put a list together of what I would need.  That list was as far it went…until today!  When I got this.


Its got it all, from Alton Brown’s recipe for sushi rice, to pickled ginger.  I am SO excited to go to the grocery store and pick up some veg and shrimp.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find sushi grade fish so I’m going to do some rolls with ingredients I can find and work my way up.

Sushi kit

Thank you Julie!  You are the absolute best.


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Why do I have such a hard time deciding what it is that I want to do?  And it isn’t even anything important.  There is an agility seminar coming up at the end of the month on Sunday, which is the same day as flyball practice.  Both of these are fun hobbies, nothing earth shattering, and I can’t even get my brain to sort through which of these enjoyable activities I would prefer to partake in one random Sunday.  I feel like this is something I should be able to do without all the second guessing and internal circular internal dialog.  But my brain totally freezes up when I really sit down to think about it, sort of like if I don’t update my wishlist throughout the year and someone asks me what I want for Christmas…totally deer in headlights, can’t think of a single thing.


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Okay, so I might be going a little crazy…fine MORE crazy.  While I was out with the dogs I *might* have made a snowman.


Wixer didn’t think that was much fun at all as it took time away from me making and throwing snowballs for him to chase, snap at, and look for in the snow banks.


Back inside, I haven’t been having a whole lot of success in CraftyTown so I changed gears and tried out an adorable reversible dress pattern. Its super cute and the pattern is for sizes 0-3 months up through size 5. Plus its reversible! If (when) your little one spills and you’re out and about, you can just turn it inside out and you’ve got a fresh start.*

reversible dress

reversible dress

The new Joann is theoretically opening tomorrow so I’m hopeful I can get some material and get stuff done after that!

*Does not work for drenching spills or teething buckets of drool.


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I’ve been back up in the great frozen north for just shy of 2 weeks now and I’m not actually sick of the snow and cold yet, but I have been reminded of the major problem with all this weather.  My dogs are going bonkers.  There is much to be said for keeping their minds active with tricks and such, but it only goes so far.  They could also really use a good old fashioned romp.  Some of this could be fixed by bundling up and playing in the yard with them, but we still all get cold faster than they run out of energy.

Right now its right around freezing so its a very wet snow, not as much fun for playing in. Doesn’t stop Wixer from trying!

Baby its cold outside
Then Anne posted another adorable dog doing the trick of wrapping themselves up in a blanket so I pulled that back out and worked on it with Wixer this morning.  I think its almost ready for a cue.

We’ve also been working on holding things a bit more. He tends to chomp things rather than holding them firmly which we have improved but still need work on. We’re also figuring out to hold on to it through changes in position…also a work in progress.

I’m glad we are making progress. I keep seeing things that make me wonder just how long the hyperthyroid was going on. He’s still…well Wixer, but he’s able to stay in his skin better. The next test will be getting back out to an Unleashed class to see how his stays are doing.

Speaking of which I got a chance to go out with Lisa for lunch yesterday to celebrate her last day of teaching in Plainfield. You know its going to be a great lunch when you get carded and then they bring you one of these.


Win Win!