FO Friday

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It’s Friday and I actually have finished objects that I remembered to take pictures of!

First off, for a disc doggin’ poodle in Florida a pink and orange collar/leash.  Hopefully she likes it and she looks totally bling worthy at Premier!


Then for Coraline a trio of collars with a “leash that at least doesn’t not match.”  While not the first ribbon I found for the Corbeast, this might be my favorite.  I mean its Pacman!  I also got some 7/8″ of this pattern to make some 1″ and 1.5″ collars.  I love it.  Then, of course, this happened:

Me: Dave, what sound does Pacman make?  I need to be able to write it.
Dave: (no hesitation) Pac-whallap
Me: … let me google it

This devolved into delving into what different people hear Pacman saying and, of course, listening to some Pacman online.


This was actually the first idea I had for Coraline.  Its so spring and bright and happy.   I don’t normally gravitate towards yellow, but in this combination I really like how it all balances.  I think it might be my favorite.


And finally skulls, because, skulls.  I’ve had this ribbon for a while, but haven’t done anything with it.  I think its super cute and could totally be worn all year.  I think it might be my favorite.


And this is the leash to match them all.  I picked the ribbon because its hard to go wrong with black and white and was reminiscent of Pacman.  I know its a Greek key or whatever, but I still think it can be Pacmanesque.

One leash to match them all.

I hope she likes them!

Its all about balance

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What a glorious day! The weather was absolutely amazing, like couldn’t possibly have been more perfect. And what luck because I had an almost exclusively outdoor day planned. I spent the morning on chores, moved some mulch and brought up some of the pool furniture etc. Then, earlier in the week Lyndsay hatched a plan to go hiking and do some nosework hides and invited me along for the afternoon. It.was.amazingk. We hid and found some odors and walked on the trails at Potato Creek State Park.

I have a not so super secret plan to try to get Wixer and Perkinje to maybe someday play (appropriately) with one another. Neither one is the smoothest of movers when it comes to that, but I think they could work it out. They started by having classes together and they also go to the pool together and today they got to hike together and it went very well!  We even brought our packs like good DSA members.  I’m a fan of having Wixer carry our water and supplies!

Hiking buddies

Wixer didn’t feel the need to snark at Kinje and Kinje didn’t feel the need to protect Wixer from all those crazy short people running around. There was only a teensy bit of real pulling on both their parts, but I figure I’ll forgive a little, given that we were walking past a beach…with a lake…and people playing in it. Its so hard to pay attention to the other end of the leash when all that is beckoning.

Water Break


My phone’s pedometer says I walked around 16,000 steps today so we went a good ways, although I’m not convinced of its accuracy.  I need to get a FitBit.  The trails were lovely and smelled of summer.  The company was wonderful as was the conversation.  And just look at that handsome happy dog!

Strike a pose

Now to train Wixer to pull a cart so I can take Bleys too and he can ride when he gets tired.  I do miss taking him when I go on these little treks.  Wixer is now sacked out in his cave bed so I’ll call today a big win.