Not so Finished Object Friday

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Apparently I only made one thing this week.  I went to a flyball tournament this past weekend and ended up with another dog!  He’s only staying a little over a month but clearly he needed a snazzy collar while he’s here.  Right? And with the 4th of July coming up it seemed perfect.

For Traffic

I did make all kinds of foods for the tournament though…does that count? I made four kinds of Harry Potter jello shots and three kinds of cake pops.

Here are the Harry Potter Jello shots. Clockwise from bottom left: Butterbeer, Polyjuice potion, Mad-eye Moody, and Chocolate Frog.
Harry Potter Jello Shots

The Mad-Eye Moody turned out super creepy.

Onto the temporary dog!  His name is Traffic and he’s the tiniest of creatures. We’ve been getting to know one another since I nabbed him Sunday night, although Monday was a bit of a loss on that because we spent it in the car driving home. So here are the obligatory new dog in your house barrage of photos.

I really like this one. The neighbor dogs started barking at the train so they both went to check out the shenanigans.
What was that?

Then we chilled out on the couch for a little bit. Traffic is super food motivated so I’m pretty sure he’s plotting how to get more cookies here.
Deep in thought about how best to get more cookies.

Are there cookies over there?  I bet there are.
Behind the ears

We also went swimming.   Our pool is still out of order for the time being so we teamed up with Dr. Lyndsay and went to Four Star.  He jumped right in, although it took him a few tries to find the stairs…
He found the stairs!

When Dave got home Traffic was still a bit concerned about him but then decided a belly rub would be okay.
Belly rubs

FO Friday…maybe

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So we have shitty internet, its a fact of where we live.  However, in the last few weeks it has taken an even bigger hit to the point where I’m trying to do everything possible from my phone.  We’ve been on the phone with them practically daily. But without much hope of help.  Any whoodles.  Here is some of what I’ve been working on this week, not nearly what I got done last week which is a little discouraging, but here goes…

A couple leashes for Kat
For Kat

OR just one of them. I can’t get actually get the page to load to get the link right now.

A collar for Techno
For Techno

And a collar for Ion
For Ion

I sure feel like I did more than that this week, but that’s all I’ve got.

FO Friday


Maybe this is becoming a trend.   I have lots and lots for this weeks roundup.

First up a pair of agility leashes for Karen.
Marshall Cage

And then a trio of mats for Kat down in Florida. I’m totally in love with both the bold orange and pink print of the first one and the font of Tesla’s name in the middle picture.
Mat for Tesla Mat for Tesla Mat for Tesla

Then some Achieve Agility leashes for DACOF

AA leashes for DACOF.

Debbie has been waiting for these with the patience of a saint.  Finally Grace and Sammi have flyball collars!  And I got to use my favorite font for Grace.  It really only reaches its full potential when the name has a Q or and R in it.  This one has the added bonus of a G which is also one of the highlights of this font.

Flyball collar Flyball collar

After seeing the leash and collar I made of Lyndsay and Purkinje last week, Sharon asked if I could make a couple for her dogs.  Since I knew she was heading to Premier I rushed them through so she could take them along.  I hope Sam and Willow look amazing in these!

For Sam For Willow

In a similar situation after Shannon saw the leashes I made for the Super Hero litter she wanted some bling for her pup Shiner.  I think she’ll look fabulous in lime and pink.

For Shiner


I’m also working on a trio of mats for Marni.  Notice I only have two done, but holy owls are they turning out adorably!

Mat for Marni For Marni

And finally a bee-autiful collar for Marni as well.

For Marni

I’ve been busy!  I’ve also been trying to get my act together in the gardens and spent a lot of time out there this week.  They are shaping up with mad props to Dave for lots of help.  I’ve got most of my veggie patch going strong with the addition of some pickling cucumbers and some watermelon and tonight I planted some experimental blueberry bushes.  I even finally got to planting some annuals in the various planters and hanging baskets.  I just wish I felt closer to being done!  Just keep swimming.

FO Friday

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Time for another Finished Object Friday.  Did you see that this makes two in a row?  I knows, I’m shocked too.

This week’s completions include two collars headed to Kat in South Florida.   She made the massive error of discovering one of my favorite ribbon sites.  Sucker!  I’m not done with all of them, but I did complete the adorbs ladybugs and elegant orange flowers.
For Kat

For Kat

Then Lyndsay came to me with a need to be fabulous at Premier.  Fabulous you say?  THAT I can do.  Boom! How about some Bling?  Done.

Bling Leash

Premier is outside and you want to have a simple collar on in case you need to grab him during a run (loose dog or whatever)?  Done…with flair.  ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

UKC All-Stars