TraffiRabbit has gone home and things are pretty quiet here at home.  He wasn’t particularly noisy (which might come as a shock to people who knew him before!), but he was very busy and I did a lot of work with him.  Going back to just the two has been an adjustment.  Its just as well since I’ve been disturbingly tired since I returned from Nationals.  I’ve taken more naps in the last week than I did in the previous year.  Not sure what’s the matter with me, but it can move along any time now.

In between my naps I’ve been trying to finish up more projects in CraftyTown and around the house that I’ve been putting off for one reason or another.  I finally finished one today that’s been a problem for me for what feels like forever!  When we moved in and I put CraftyTown where I did, I knew I wanted to make it more of a discrete room than it is…you know 4 walls and a door-ish.  To that end I put the Geherkenflutz next to the pillar creating a wall between the room and the garage door.  And making an aisle behind it that still allows access to the workshop.  A year ago I found some fabric that I could put on the back of it in order to create even more of a room feel (and work to hide the mess that CraftyTown can sometimes often be).  Due to a series of unfortunate errors on my part it kept not getting finished.  Very frustrating!

Now that its done I think it turned out very well.  The walls (you can’t see) are Tiffany Blue and this fabric compliments it nicely.  I’m still working on finding an organization scheme for most things in there and I’m sure I’ll be rearranging whats in each cubby to make best use of the space.


Here is the back.  Meh.  I should have run Velcro along the whole length of the shelf to avoid the slight sagging.  Live and learn.  At least it looks nice from the inside!


I also ran a strip of magnets along one shelf to be able to pin up pattern instructions etc.  Biggest issue there is the strip magnets aren’t terribly strong.  So I need to find some of the super strong magnets to hold up the patterns.  If they were cool/cute/stylish that would be even better!  Maybe something like this?  Or this?  I wish I could find something suitably nerdy!


Next step is to get some Kvartal rails from IKEA and make the final wall/door.  I have no idea what fabric to use and what configuration it will take.  And it’ll probably take me another year to get to it.

I also made another pair of pajama pants.  This time out of an adorable monkey flannel.  I love how they turned out.  There will definitely be more of these in the future.

Monkey pajamas

Then there is this.  Not sure if he knows I’ve been very tired, that I am sad about Traffic leaving, or happy he doesn’t have to share me with him anymore, but Wixer has been in gone full snuggle this week.