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Lots going on here at Lost Acre.  On September 5-7 I hosted a dog training seminar with PVybe as presenters.  It was a lot of work to put together by myself and that wasn’t helped with the flooding at home, but I think it ended up going very well.  Ron and Apryl did their usual amazing magic and it sounds like everyone who attended liked what they heard and got good stuff out of it.  We also had two people taking pictures besides me and they were pretty amazing. You can check out all the pictures over here.

My favorites of Wixer were him totally listening to Ron talking about how to present a toy in his discussion of the plague of the free bite.

PVybe Canine DriveTrain

And this one of him at least looking like he’s doing ‘go do dog stuff’ pretty darn well!  This was during his turn at multiple target targeting and Ron was talking to me so Wixer is doing exactly what he should be, and being adorable to boot.

PVybe Canine DriveTrain

Quickly thereafter work started on our house to fix the potential for future flooding, I hope.  They started with turning our basement into the set of ET.  No tunnel, sorry Kate!


The garage and two rooms got this treatment, plus a lot of coverings on the floors elsewhere. They dug out a trench and put in a giant long drain in front of the garage.


This connects to a pit just inside the garage with a pump in it.

Pump hole

That in turn connects to a pipe leading outside the garage and out away from the house.

Pump hole out Pump hole drain line

Next up they will be dumping a lot of dirt around over there and regrading everything away from the house.  In the backyard they dug out for egress windows in the two downstairs rooms that will now actually be bedrooms.


Goodbye garden, hello windows.

Egress windows
Having seen what the windows will look like from the inside I kinda want to do this to them.  But that will have to wait.  A long long time.  Baby steps to the elevator.

I also finished up most of my ribbon bobbin project.


So far it seems to be working very well! If only I could now find all the non-ribbon stuff that I need to make things. Starting projects only to have to stop every five seconds to go try to find something I need isn’t fun. Or productive.

I also started trying it out with regular yardage.

Regular size

And teensy ones for fat quarters.

Fat quarter size

With just a small sample I’m liking the possibilities for this as well.  These boards are only 1/16″ wide making them a little more space saving, but quite a bit floppier.  I still like the thicker foam core board for the ribbon since it doesn’t flop about so much, so I will keep using the two different materials.  I hoping whenever I get to put CraftyTown back together maybe I can store them on an IKEA Billy bookcase or somesuch. They have a glass door option that would allow me to keep the dust off of them while still getting to see all the pretty colors.  All three bobbins are short enough they should fit nicely.

Then today I went up to TOPS to have Wixer evaluated.  Almost a month ago he came up lame after a flyball practice again and his subsequent rest hasn’t really done the trick.  So I bit the bullet and had them give him a once over.  We didn’t get a definitive diagnosis, but I wasn’t expecting one given his inability to speak and refusal to show pain.  Top of her list for possible issues is an old patella injury that is still causing him difficulty.  Seems crazy that something like that could cause all the issues I’m seeing, but I guess if its ouchy and causes him to use that leg differently it could mess up everything from the bottom to the top?  I’ve already made two appointments with Lisa, who is a canine massage therapist, and the vet suggested biweekly chiropractic appointments so I need to sweet talk Lyndsay into making room for us in her schedule.  I’m thinking pizza, beer, and games might sweeten the pot?

Then this happened during our laser treatment.
Doggles and lasers

I can’t even take it.

There’s a bee in my apple

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Not so shockingly the work on our flood issues isn’t going exactly as planned.  Apparently due to the rain this past week they didn’t finish the jobs before ours so ours has been pushed back until Monday.  Too bad they didn’t actually call us to let us know that.  Apparently one person thought the other was going to let us know and vice versa.  A bit frustrating as its kind of a problem next week because we made sure we could be home for them on the days the originally stated. We may have to have them take a break on Thursday as Dave has a meeting and I made an appointment to take Wixer to TOPS for an evaluation.  I’m hoping they can maybe give me more answers about his rear leg issues.  I’ve had him off of running for a few weeks and it still just doesn’t look right, and looks a LOT like what he was doing almost 2 years ago when he was out of flyball and agility for almost a year.

So making the best of it Dave was awesome and took me to the orchard instead.

Secret weapon

We picked some Gala, Fuji, and a few Honeycrisp apples that I will be making into sauce next week.  We saw tons of apples on the ground that made me wish there was a better way of making sure they all went to good use.  We also saw this totally wasted bee.  He was a happy happy bee.  Not nearly as happy was the bee that stung Dave for picking apples from his tree.  Sorry Dave.

Totally drunk bee

Out in the parking lot we also saw this license plate.  FTW

At the orchard


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Since my last post we’ve had a bit of a setback. Our basement flooded a bit and CraftyTown was a casualty. So that whole thing where I finally made a back piece for my Expedit after over a year? Yeah that’s destroyed now. All the furniture in there was soaked and its been a pretty low time for me. Add to that hosting a dog training seminar on my own and finding out how much all the repair is going to cost, and I’ve been one foot in front of the other-ing it for a couple weeks.

My ribbon shelves were also destroyed in the flood, so my ribbon is currently in a giant box all willy nilly.  Yesterday I went to start on a couple orders for people who are being super patient and couldn’t find anything!  So very frustrating. The only way seemed to be dump it all on the floor and I find this unacceptable. Especially since my sewing machines are currently located in the living room which is irritating enough without that added mess all the time. Down with clutter!

I decided I should try to figure out what I’m going to do with the ribbon and fabric whenever it is that CraftyTown gets rebuilt. After some Internet research and a skull session with a fellow crafty friend Emily, I decided to try something like this.  However,  not knowing if it will do what I want I didn’t want to spend much money.  So I got some 1/8″ foam core board, it’s thinner than the standard 3/16″ and I’m hoping its thin enough to not create too much extra bulk when I shelve them.

So I gathered materials and today I cut out the first of what it looks like will be many many boards. I did end up having to dump out all the ribbon on the floor to sort it, but hopefully it will just be the once. While I slowly work my way through it seems I have help, apparently he prefers the purple pile.


My plan is to also use these boards to store my fabric as well keeping everything uniform.  I started with the size of the fabric organizer sold on that site, but now I’m concerned that they are too tall for practical shelving. The size makes sense for the size of fabric thought (usually 44″/45″ wide, folding in quarters lengthwise fits nicely on this height). Not sure how to reconcile that yet. I also spent all evening and only got to the greens. Its going to be a long process.

Ribbon boards