Life is full of patterns. This weeks its been opportunities to appreciate the Fluffy Badger in all his magnificent glory.  He’s been providing perfect photo ops and entertaining us with his silly sassy self.

I finally got him back to the groomer (but this time got to leave his grinch feet – sorry guys its just a quintessential part of a Cavalier) and he’s much happier without so much hair to get matted or pick up leaves and small trees.

Soaking up some sunbeams, while hiding your nose in your grinch feet?  Check.

Sunbeam Slippers

With his less hair he enjoys swimming more as well.

He doesn’t tug anywhere else much, but at the pool? Game on.  Watch out, he’s got sharp pointy teeth!


But srsly, with this face who wouldn’t just let him win?

Not to worry he also defended his Hall Ball Champeen of the World status multiple times this week.

Hall ball champeen of the World
Its a miracle I get anything done with this looking back at me.