Long Time No Sew

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It’s been at least a month since I was in CraftyTown for any length of time.  I’m trying to find time to get back into the swing of things as I have tons of things people want and double that number of ideas to try out and perfect.  This morning I picked one project to finish.

Unicorn treat pouch

I improved the embroidery slightly on this one, I hope she likes the replacement.


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Its been a bumpy ride, but in the last couple weeks there have been a few glimmers of paradise.  Tonight was just such a glimmer. Whimsy managed to entice Wixer to play…in the cave bed.


Notice the gator clamp Whimsy has on Wixer’s jaw.
Miracle bitey-face


Getting cozy…with teeth.
Miracle bitey-face


Both dogs fully inside the upside down cave bed biting the crap out of each other.
Miracle bitey-face

And finally I get to reap the rewards.