Today the Fluffy Badger turns 13.  Words are inadequate to express how much I adore this little dude.  He exemplifies resilience, both physical and mental, and I think he has done an amazing job of leading by example that non-typical breeds can kick some serious ass in dog sports.  So today was all about that Bleys.

We started out with some birthday walkies.
Birthday walks

Along which there was forced birthday posing, obvi.
Forced birthday posing

Followed by MORE forced birthday posing.  So tolerant…and expecting treats for their participation in such torture.
More forced birthday posing

Then we moved on to birthday nosework.  Finding lemongrass is awesome…because there are tuna treats about to be bounced off his head.
Birthday nosework

Added in some impromptu birthday fauxgility.  He pwned that tunnel and the one 6″ jump on either end.  I’m talking reverse spins and back sides baby, deaf dog agility FTW.
Birthday fauxgility

What is a birthday without an extreme closeup. Extreeeeeme!
Birthday extreme closeup

Dave also sent me some birthday sketch art of him.  Just look at the majesty!  Consummate V’s all over the place.
birthday phone assisted sketch art

That face clearly deserves a birthday dinner fit for a king…charles spaniel.  Dave made sure he got some of his favorite thing, green tripe.
Birthday dinner

Revenge is a dish best served cow-ld.
Revenge is sweet

And finally some well deserved birthday snuggles.
Birthday snuggles

There may be a little less tri in his color these days, but he’s still looks like a puppy to me and is the absolute cutest dog in my world.