Now that we have a house the urge to garden fell upon me. So I did little research and discovered that growing veggies around here isn’t going to just happen. After reading a bunch online and getting some advice from local gardeners I decided to build a raised bed for my vegetables. Then met with a whole lot of resistance. So after a lot of thought I decided to get one of the kits from Frame it All. Then I tried to put it together and had to give up. There were so many rocks underneath that I couldn’t get it in the ground and square. Luckily my parents came for a visit and Dad helped me finally get the thing together. I was a little late for spring seeds here so I got some starters from Home Depot and Lowe’s.

We’ve already harvested a few salads worth of lettuce, there is a green pepper growing, and now I have my first tomato!

First tomatoNot so Big Boy (yet)

I also have some Roma’s starting and some teeny weeny cherry tomatoes.  Depending on how these make out, round about September I hope to plant some from seed.  I got a suggestion of Black Krim as a variety to try but I’m not sure what else.  I’d like to try some carrots and maybe parsnips.  Oh!  I also like to get a potato bin at some point for some fingerlings and the like.

We’re looking at getting our lawn redone this summer so I’ve also got to decide if we’re going to leave some beds empty along the fence or house.  I wasn’t going to, but now I’m thing maybe its a good idea.  Have to give it some more thought.